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Thank your lucky stars she's infertile. Otherwise, that guy behind her might reproduce.

Kylie Lannigan is a dyke in Melbourne who is so fucking fat she can't even adopt a child. You see, Australian adoptive services have the foresight to see that Kylie will die of her creepy sideshow health problem before the child reaches puberty and logically refuse to give her one. This has brought much anger from the fat fuck pride committee.

Lannigan can't have children because she has polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS), which shrivels up your ladyparts, fucks up your hormones, and turns you into a fat sexless freak with hair in weird places. Apparently Australian health services are reluctant to give a perfectly good child to the Bearded Fat Lady, most likely because circus freak shows are not known for a stable environment or good employment benefits.

In their wisdom, Anonymous has suggested Lannigan is merely trolling Australia IRL. It doesn't fucking matter, though, because if this cow actually got a child, she would probably eat it -- that, or train it as a geek for the sideshow.

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