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Kynn is a righteously Politically Correct leftwing fatbeard troll and self-hating furry faggot better known to his fellow yiffers on FurryMUCK as Lynn Onyx[1].

He's yet another pasty-faced white boy who's taken a few anti-racism classes and thinks he's so much a part of the solution he can make his LJ a "blackspace" despite being as white as one of those disgusting critters you find when you turn over a stone. He's a self-appointed expert on racism and such, though the only thing Kynn is generally acknowledged to be any kind of expert at is wanking furiously all over Livejournal about Persons of Color in such a way it is patently obvious he's suffering massively from Jungle Fever and is desperately pining for the large horselike organs of well-muscled colored gentlemen to be forcefully inserted in his whiteboy ass.

Kynn humorously describes himself on his website as "a writer, photographer, gerontologist, game designer, and web developer". However, despite these many skills he is mysteriously unable to find a suitable position and is being supported by his long-suffering wife Liz.

Run and hide

As of August 06 Kynn had abandoned his Livejournal and scuttled for cover after annoying everyone he knows with his inane rants.

Tranny Drama Update

Kynn's wife Liz has left him for a tranny! Also, according to these super sekrit pics, Kynn "himself" has turned into a big fat tranny:

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