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Shinji Aoba
Age: 41
Nationality: Japanese  MiniflagJapan.png
High score Killed 34 (20+ women), injured 35
Style Burning Man
An Hero? No, but he did light himself on fire.
Motive: Train Autism
Penalty: 100% chance of the death penalty.

Kyoto Animation (a.k.a. KyoAni, KyoAnus and 株式会社京都アニメーション) was a shitty anime studio that was known for producing low-tier garbage anime such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky☆Star, K-On!, Air, Clannad and some stupid tanukishit about Dragon Maids. The studio was founded in 1981 and continued to produce low-tier shit animation until July 17, 2019, when their offices were finally given the Grave of the Fireflies treatment and were burned down by a 41-year-old autistic Studio Ghibli fan. The resulting inferno killed at least 34 of Kyoto Animation's 70 staff members and, hopefully, finally put an end to their shitty adaptations of overrated visual novels and manga.

The perpetrator of the attack has been identified as Shinji Aoba, a mentally ill photographer, train-enthusiast, ex-con and fat autistic 2ch NEET. Aoba, who was known to the 2channel community as Barisaku-kun, was notorious for incessantly shitposting on the site's rail board about how Kyoto Animation had ruined his life by "stealing" a stupid neologism that he had supposedly coined and including it in the anime Sound! Euphonium. He also believed that KyoAni stole his idea for a novel or some shit.

Because anime fans are a bunch of literal mongoloids, many redditors and other assorted fags have chosen to refer to the KyoAni incident as "Anime's 9/11" – because 13 dead Asian guys is totally comparable to nearly 3,000 dead human beings. Anime fans are also completely ignorant of the fact that Pearl Harbor happened and Japan got what they fucking deserved.


12 fatalities, guys. As someone on Reddit said, this is the 9/11 of anime.

Such a dark day for our friends at Kyoto Animation.


Gay-List, comparing 12 34 dead Tojos to 9/11


KyoAni recently rebranded itself to this.





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