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Atomic.gif Warning!
These 3 users are totally asking for it! If you ever visit Kytalise, Illusion007, or Sorahamaji make sure to rape and milk them for lulz. If you are going to take screen caps of something lulzy, do it quick because these users like to delete lulzy things quickly!

Kytalise: Homosexual Narutard Extraordinaire

Kytalise is yet another shittyart user who is made of an almost pure 1:1 ratio of fail to aids. This shining example of a sheezyart shitlet was first spotted on the frontpage, where the artworks with the most favorable votes at that point in time are displayed. This would leave many asking the question of "Why exactly was he on the front page?"

WTF! These are the creepy things it plays with.

Well, the piece in question was actually a story about gay love between the popular anime characters Naruto and Sasuke. Many shitlets then proceeded to vote the piece up feverishly until it reached frontpage status, until it was equally saged into oblivion by all those who were shocked and appauled by the piece.

It all started when a marginally acceptable writer gave an in-depth critique on the piece. This was taken as a flame and prompted the current shitstorm involving said user.

Kytalise Shits a Brick


Like any good lolcow, Kytalise failed to comprehend the golden rule for all of his kind: Do not feed the trolls. In doing such, he decided to stand up for himself by writing quite a lengthy piece of toilet paper in his defence.(LOL. "Journal not found".) This, however, was a thinly veiled attempt at gaining sympathy and/or pageviews from his fellow narutards

The Cry to the Mods for Support

Keeping in trend with many other notable shitlet lolcows, Kytalise decided to abuse the comment-deleting system in an effort to make himself look better than those who had trolled him. However, in true shitlet style, he failed to realise that deleting comments would only lead to his own demise, as he was deleting evidence of trolling at the same time. As such, Kytalise was entirely without help from the mods. "What to now?" he asks himself. In a last, desperate attempt at saving his own ass, Kytalise screenshotted various comment trees and submitted them to the sheezyart moderators in the hopes that something would be done. Nothing was done however, due to the mods just not giving a shit.

Kytalise Deletes Fucking Everything

After being excessively trolled, the Kytalise finally began to wave the white flag of defeat. However, in a lulzy flight of frenzy, he began to delete fucking everything that had anything to remotely do with the trolls - he even went so far as to remove the comments portion of his userpage. To follow up, he decided to post a journal explaining what happened. This journal was almost instantly vandalized, which led to the deletion of any and all journals. Not to be stopped, the trolls marched on, continuing to decimate the comments section of his artworks. He disabled comments on all of his artwork, except for the initial offending piece, which only served to make the trolls' penises harder.

An example of Kytalise's friends.

After the heat cooled down, Kytalise peaked out from his hole and, much like an infant infront of John Dallas Lockehart, claimed he had won.

Kytalise is an art thief

Kytalise's ass patting watchers started complaining to the Trolls about false accusations of art thievery. When facts were stated, the ass patters were too dull to realize that Kytalise steals art. Soon the proof the ass patters wanted was found. All of the stolen pictures. Kytalise tried pathetically to hide his/her (no one seems to know it's real gender. Funny.) gallery which is ultimately fail. Here are the links of the stolen art:

  • This piece was titled Know Me, here is the link she stole it from.

  • This piece was titled "Kiss Me" and here is the link she stole it from.

  • This piece was titled "Naruto x Saskue" and here is the link she stole it from.

  • This piece was titled "Blue Sky" and here is the link she stole it from.

  • This piece was titled "Let Me" and here is the link she stole it from.

  • This piece was titled "Aw, not again" and here is the link she stole it from.

  • This piece was titled "Smoosh <3" and here is the link she stole it from.

  • This piece was titled "Hug me not him" and here is the link she stole it from.

  • This piece was titled "Daddy" and here is the link she stole it from.

Upon noticing this, faggot it self came to revert the whole article into something that promotes him. This was immediately reverted back to normal where Kytalise realized it was beaten again. In attempt to cover things up, it deleted it's whole gallery.

Leaving SA forever

After much Trolling, justice being served, and truth being told, it had enough. Kytalise cried and ran away. After it realized it was defeated, Kytalise made it's last stand of faggotry. He deleted all of the stolen work from his gallery, hoping the shittyart mods wouldn't see the stolen art. With this he left shittyart is so called final farewell message.

I'm leaving b/c I don't have time for this shit right now.

If any of my watchers would like to read Save Me updates, go look for them on AFF. I'll put up the link later.

I'm sick of stupid fucking losers accusing me of stealing and idiots who find it funny to hurt me and my friends.

So I'm leaving here and am going to continue my schooling and life.


Very butthurt he was.

Leaving SA forever take 2

Later on he had edited his profile, to this:

Leaving take 2

Look familiar? This shows how much of a life Kytalise really has.

The return of Kytalise

Soon after the little "leaving forever" sissy fight, it returned. It returned with this load of crap, Journal of Thievery. Little did it know, it was feeding the Trolls moar. Immediately it's stupid watchers came and sucked up to it right away. So the narufag continued with it's little story of how it owns the site. We all can see this because it's in Japanese, and a company called OFP that she works with, right??? Oh wait, edit time! After the truth was stated yet again, it edited the journal and said it has a username on there. Right. In it's latest journal, Kytalise admits that it is an art thief, in a way that makes it look like he doesn't know, AKA he is just a plain fucktard.

In due time the comments that were "rude" were deleted. Kytalise really loves that delete function! Soon it was found that one of the Narufags loyal ass patters, Illusion007 posted a journal titled security risk. Obviously he is one of the idiots who thinks by signing up to ED, and editing articles is hacking. The narufag contributed to this by making a devious plan to take ED over. This lolcow was milked by many people. Yet another person who contributed to this editing was Soarhamaji. We suggest when scrolling on the users shittyart page, and come across her pictures, you cover your eyes. The goggles do nothing.

The leave and return of Kytalise...again

After it has lost once again a fight against Anon, Kytalise decided once again to leave Shittyart. But, we all know Kytalise being an Attention whore, It continues on writing Journals and replys to every comment.

Happy Birthday, Kytalise

August the 31. Kytalise's Birthday. And what's a good Birthdaypresent? Right! To show it an DevianTART-Account with it's so-beloved Fan-Fucks. Of course, Kytalise freak'd completely out and wrote another Journal of fail, asking it's Ass-Kisser to report Every single Fan-Fuck. Taste your own medicine,Attention whore It's reactions on Shittyart Cry for help.PNG and on DevianTART Cry for help 2.PNG

The Kytalise Conspiracy

One of the epicest Theorys has been created by a Shittyartuser named ShaddowKarate. After Kytalise has been confronted with an epic but also as it seemed to be untrue Theory, it stole also the Fanfictions, It has decided once moar, to delete fucking everything. This made quite a few people suspicous, which caused Kytalise giving her friends felatios and lots of asskisses.

Somekind of a Theory

It is somekind of a creative try, to see how Kytalise reacts or deletes.

A link to Kytalise's latest Journal

Kytalise calls out the Jihad

On August the 31st 2007, Kytalise has called out a Jihad against Anon and people that are claiming the truth. This was posted on Kytalise's Journal but has been removed withing the next 5 minutes, due to Kytalise being a cockmongler

Kytalise's only way to escape

Kytalise's gallery of fail

Why YOU Should Troll Him

Because there are many more lulz that have yet to be milked from this proverbial lolcow. His tendency to delete fucking everything leaves many possibilities for attempted comebacks and secondary lols. There are also some other fucktards who you can troll, provided in the links section.


His Shittyart site
Plans to make another account,we'll find it soon.

Their own gay club