LED Ethernet Cables

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Simply owning LED Ethernet Cables makes you fucking leet. Using them puts you on par with infamous personalities such as Kevin Mitnick and weev. I have pink led cables how about you?

Unfortunately most people who buy these cables spend most of their time fapping alone to jailbaitgallery.com

Where to get LED Ethernet Cables

LED Ethernet Cables aren't actually sold anywhere. You have to make them yourself. This is easily accomplished by going to the store and buying the most expensive cables you can get, and taking them home and gaying them up using the following steps:

  1. Purchase cables or borrow some from your friend with no intention of giving them back and then pissing in their sink STEVE.
  2. Completely ruin them by stripping burning off segments of the plastic insulation.
  3. Cut a wire and reconnect it using an led.
  4. Repeat steps as necessary until you have lots of leds on your ethernet cable.

Bonus points: For an added effect attach leds to different wires.


20:36 < h64> i would get uv cables but my laptop would have glow-splotches on it
20:36 < h64> i wouldnt be able to see the screen
20:37 < h64> except maybe a small corner in the top right
20:37 < h64> everything i own has been covered in semen
20:37 < h64> most of it is mine