LJ Lice Drama

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Spread the awareness.

The LJ lice drama was the long-awaited sequel to the Scabies Rush of 1995 and the Great Chlamydia Panic of Ought-Four amongst the goth communities of Leeds, UK.

Sometime on August 7th, 2006, a text bulletin warning of a lice infestation was sent out among members of the Leeds goth clique. This bulletin eventually arrived in the form of a friends only post on Lj-favicon.png house_of_borgia's LiveJournal. Because the warning only went out to a few people, LJ user Lj-favicon.png iicatsii thought it was in everyone's best interest that he stir up panic and dissent by flooding goth journals with the news. While people on the fringe of the goth scene helped out by providing image macros to spread awareness, those involved went into denial about being dirty lice-ridden goths (besides Human Shadow) and threw tantrums whenever the subject came up.