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LJ User Secrets was a crap website for LiveJournal users to post anonymous secrets about each other. The last incarnation, http://ljusersecrets.suckafree.ws, and its owner Lj-favicon.png footballmod disappeared on February 24, 2008 - once and for all leaving the 'regulars' nothing to do but get off the computers and feed their brats.

Most of the "secrets" are angry LJ mommies calling each other's kids ugly and Lj-favicon.png brutal_honesty members calling each other ugly. People post repeatedly about drama that happened months ago, so only one in every 100 posts actually qualifies as a "secret."

Popular topics include Lj-favicon.png ladygaia87's greasy hair, Lj-favicon.png habibekindheart's dead kid, and Animal Dreams's affair with Mengus.

Not to be mistaken for Lj-favicon.png ljusersecrets, which has had negative secrets banned by LJ Abuse and thus is even more full of shit nobody cares about.

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