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LJ Users who spend all day using LiveJournal typing angsty attention whore blog posts or acting like a Comment whore and commenting to every post on their friends list. LJ Whores must make at least one post per day and more posts than anyone else. This is done to overflow everyone else's friends page with only their posts, in order to get the most attention. If they don't receive comments they start acting like an angsty crybaby attention whore and start writing about cutting or suicide. If that doesn't work they will use other attention seeking tactics such as talking about teh cock or teh breasts even if they are virgins.

LJ Whore To Do List:

  1. Write angsty attention whore LJ post.
  2. Write comment whoring comments on friends list posts.
  3. Talk about your high school life like it's so interesting
  4. Have your first "lesbain" experience.
  5. Refresh LJ looking for new friends posts or new comments.
  6. Start cutting or being teh crybaby until someone replies to their comments or LJ post.
  7. Reply to new comments or else start from number 1.
  8. ????
  9. PROFIT!

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