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NEVAR!!!! This troll was willing to die for the lulz... and did.

Scott E. Kuehner's artistic & comic masterpiece

LOOK WHAT I BROUGHT HOME is the greatest and funniest web comic ever. It concerns itself with deep, sociological subject matter such as the descent of man, the human spirit and women smearing jizz soiled tissues on themselves because they're horny. The creator is Scott E. Kuehner, a fallen hero who made this comic with nothing but inspiration, the sweat of his brow and some chick who is credited on the site but was obviously a supermodel who volunteered to suck his dick to thank him for his greatness.

The comic updated regularly for nine years except for the times Scott was too busy partying, or just didn't feel like it for two fucking years, and ended when God descended from haven to have him join his army of saints.


Humor - LWIBH was obviously the only funny comic online evar. The characters were two horny cunts, one a wigger and the other a fat cow, both reeking of shit. So really, it was a comic about your mom. All jokes were about rape, cum, shit, gay sex, incest, menstrual blood and pubic hair. So one could easily compare the writing of Scott E. Kuehner to that of Shakespeare or Geoffrey Chaucer or even say that he had surpassed them.

Plot - Besides humor, LWIBH delighted its readers with a verity of charming plots like: one of the characters raping a man in a coma, the fat whore's mom getting into a lesbian relationship with a female rapper named "Cuntio" and a goth vampire who eats pussy so he can suck period blood out of a fat bitch's hole. "Look What I Brought Home" plot-lines were a whirlwind of drama and excitement.

Art - Scott E. Kuehner understood a very important thing about art: Why bother using photoshop or even MS Pain when all the real artists just doodle with a pencil? Why shade when you can only draw outlines? Why draw anything other than the same two panels over and over? For years he had brought joy to the world with only a pencil that he seemed to jam in his eye prior to putting it to paper. But what the world was not ready for was when he started using color. At that point the comic became like the internet version of the sistine chapel if it had only been about god fucking his brother and then shitting on himself.

Site Layout - To honor his memory, the owner of Comic Genesis decided to keep this one comic in the old layout. This is an outdated site layout that has no way of keeping track of where you stopped in the over 9000 or so comics and tends to 404 even though some of the pages are clearly still there. All of this adds to the experience by making reading the comic resemble attempting to pull your own teeth with pliers made of gummy worms even more.


Emily - A crazy cunt with no tits and a hairy twat. Used to pretend she's a nigger and owns a bar where she tries to rape man.

Bess - Fat whore who shits her pants on a regular basis. Both her an Emily will fuck anything that moves and some things that don't.

Blank - A catatonic retard who can't move, or talk, or think. But he can still get a boner so that's enough for Emily to make him her boyfriend against his will.

Clem - Emily's brother... She fucks him too.

Cuntio - Black, female, lesbian rapper... Her name is "Cuntio", what else do you need to know?

Dr. Shamrock - Shitty doctor, lives in a tent and molests female patients.

A bunch of other faggots - Everyone in the comic is a borderline retarded rapist.

The Death of a Hero

Crosby's TRUE and HONEST obituary of Scott

On the 9th of January 2009, at the age of 35, Scott OD'd on heroin or died of cancer or a car crash or simply of being too awesome for this world to contain (Or chicken pox... It was probably chicken pox). After his death Chris Crosby archived his comic and announced himself to be his #1 fan who will miss him forever and also promised to publish a book of 100 of Scott's favorite strips. Because that's the kind of guy Crosby has always been. Obviously he cared a lot about Scott and his comic and this was in no way another cynical attempt to profit off his death. Nor did this in any way discredit Chris and his attempts to look professional by endorsing a comic he never heard about that makes jokes about AIDS.

Nope. Not at all.

In case you are wondering if Crosby ever actually made good on his promise to publish the comic as a book... Seriously? Take a wild fucking guess.


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