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Legend of the Red Dragon (LoRD) is a text-based RPG wherein your character is hunting the legendary Red Dragon.. The game took course over the time period of weeks or even months edged out at around ten or fifteen minutes a day and was used primarily to get people to use one's Bulletin Board Service. It was one of the first truly "massively multiplayer online role-playing games," despite the fact most BBSes only allowed a few people to play at the same time. Geeks liked the game because they could flirt, have sex with, and marry members of the opposite sex, including one of two non-playing characters (NPCs): Seth Able the bard or Violet the bartender. Seth Able created the game, so I guess he liked the idea of geek girls fucking and marrying him. Who wouldn't? Violet wasn't anyone really, but she was totally hot and many people wanked over her IRL even though she was an NPC in the truest sense of the word. Awesome.

The game involves magic, fighting, and random events like finding a faerie pool, a tavern in the woods, or even getting a blowjob from a magical, disembodied head in a cave. You can purchase armor and weapons and put money in the bank. Different character types have different skills, like most RPGs. There were also various add-ons people could install - mostly third-party - that would add various events and things to the game, such as extra areas, drugs, new weapons and armor, or even senseless things like a graffiti wall.

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