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LUNA Online / LUNA Online Plus / Celestia Luna is a shitty, generic Korean MMORPG published by gPotato. Basically, it's Ragnarok Online in 3D, which means shit squared. Leveling is fine until level 40, but after that, it becomes a grinding hell. The game servers are EXTREMELY lagged, and playing with a fast-attacking char, like a Dagger Rogue is nearly impossible, since the game disconnects all the time, even with a 10Gbps connection, less than 1 mile from your ISP.

Cash Shop items are overpriced, and some of them are overpowered.

The game is full of pedos, faggots, 80 year old Chinese man in panties and sea niggers.

If you ever undressed your female char just to look at her pantsu (and fap afterwards), congratulations, A winner is you.

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