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This is Lando about to rape him some childrens.

There are some furries who dare to be furries. There are some that dare to be borderline pedophiles, and draw cub art. And then there's Lando, who, like most furries, draws cub art and whacks it to shotas. When people ridicule him for drawing cub art because 'the characters look underage', he'll often retort with "LOL WUT A BUNCH OF SILLYHEADS" and then raep a nursery full of childrens and Pokémon. Lando, when not drawing pictures of naked furry boys or doing fucking expensive commissions, also draws Pikachu penises. Considering Lando doesn't live in a foreign country that supports raping little boys, he should have his shit ruined until he jumps off a set of children's monkeybars and becomes an hero. The monkeybars are there most likely because he was trolling the local playground for sweet, sweet boy-flesth prior.

Lando is also a devoted artist for Softpaw Magazine, the number one magazine for sick fucks in denial about the true nature of their sick fuckery. In his spare time writing for Softpaw, he faps to Astroboy furiously, as he is currently riding 'a major Astroboy kink'. Although porn of him has yet to surface from the child-grabbing claws of Lando, it shouldn't be long.
Lando also has a foreskin fetish, and has been known to collect the foreskins of recently-circumsized babies for use in his pagan rituals. He also admits to having a bump on his penis, which is probably an STD.

Involvement with AGNPH and the Furry Community

The pedophile himself. Notice his rather normal, even suave and adorable appearance -- a rare trait among furries. This is an illusion he maintains in order to lure in young children.
Not to be confused with that other Lando, Lando Calrissian.

Lando is an administrator of and a contributing artist to AGNPH, the renowned Pokémon porn archive. He can be found on the AGNPH forums or in their IRC channel engaging in gay furry buttsex with people roleplaying as Pokémon, Lando himself playing the role of a Jolteon. He has also on occasion taken the forms of a Pikachu, a tentacle monster, and Ann Coulter. Oddly enough, he has never chosen Brian Peppers or Michael Jackson as a fursona, despite his child-loving tendencies.

As an artist, most of his work is of Pikachus and other Pokémons with fat dicks squirting copious amounts of Poké juice into the air and all over their bodies. However, Lando occasionally draws Yoshis, Moogles, and other cute things that are reminiscent of little kids. Lando also draws females, but this is a fairly rare occurrence, because he is totally gay.

Religious Rants

Once a year, Lando gets bored and takes it upon himself to make a staff message on the homepage with a 5 paragraph rant about Christianity like some kind of holiday. Many lulz and drama will always be there.

Astroboy Kink

Recently, Lando has come forward with the fact that he has the hots for Astroboy. While he has not publicly released any Astroboy porn, it is well-known amongst furries that he has drawn at least 100 questionable images of Astroboy, and people have speculated that he will eventually release a flood of Astroboy porn and admit to his participation in NAMBLA, after which he will be promptly arrested. More information can be found here.

Fucking Pikachus!

Apparently, this is supposed to be hot or something. Lando fails again.
The journal entry that he linked all the photos and works in progress of his faggotry.

Lando's latest furfaggorty adventure was making huge emo pikachu cock posters. Apparently a bloated emo pikachu with a mutated dick is sexy to Lando. What kind of sick fuck would do this? Wall-sized Pikachu cocks? It is obvious that this furfag just wants to invite people over to his room so they can murder him in his natural(ly) gay Pokécock environment.

Lando Finds This Page

Inevitably, Lando found this article one night when most likely googling his name to make sure he hadn't been added somewhere on Perverted Justice. Apparently, he was actually "honored" to have an article on here and actually wants ED to make more of a mockery out of him. This tells us that no one should edit the article unless he does more batshit insane things, apart from raping little Astroboy dolls.
Furthermore, the journal entry posted by Lando also revealed that furries now find it honorable to have articles on ED. This of course means that they should not be allowed to have them, unless they do something super fucking lulzy.

Furfags not Allowed to have Articles

  • Bluesquirreldude
  • Dragoneer
  • MStuarn
  • Ritts
  • Summercat
  • Voln

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