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Lano is a popular Norwegian body wash. Mikael Andre Remen Larssen aka Potato Boy is the new -horribly ugly- face of that body wash.

Lano Ungen

"Lano Ungen" (The Lano Kid) is a contest with a long tradition in Norway, and it has its 60th anniversary this year! It started in the post-war era when photographs of humorous children's faces started pouring into Lilleberg (the guys making Lano) without any competition yet announced. Through the 50's and 60's a string of Lano Jew were chosen from the heaps of pictures that were sent in. These were especially used in ads where the children's funny facial expressions were in focus. The criteria for the pictures chosen for the campaigns were that the children had a spark in their eye and faces filled with expression. In addition the photos had to be of such good enough quality as to be reproduced in a satisfactory way.

The competition has developed from there and is today a national election where the winner is awarded a traveling scholarship of 30.000 Norwegian Kroner (approximately 5.000 USD). In addition the winner gets his/her picture on the back of the Lano refill packaging.

Lano Ungen 2010

The 2010 contest started off like it always does: thousands of mothers submitting their pictures to Lano, then spamming links to their abominations on facebook, expecting all their friends to vote for their child. Anita Larssen was no exception. What made her different was that her child was a Blessed One. As expected, no-one in their right mind voted for this ugly fuck, as noone wants to look at a retarded kid drooling while standing naked in the shower. This left the kid with a feeble 300 pity-votes until 4chan discovered him.

The picture that sparked a thousand votes

Four days later he had 15,000 votes.

Towards the end of the contest the potato boy had a major lead on all the other participants, and Norwegian newspapers started writing about how a retard might win "Lano Ungen 2010," not quite successful in hiding their disdain.

On September 6th it was announced that Mikael was the winner of Lano Ungen 2010, beating the runner-up by 20.000 votes. Although it quickly became obvious to most people that /b/ had tampered with the results, Lano did not dare but acknowledge the retarded victory. Saying that the polls were invalid because of /b/'s involvement would look like a pathetic excuse to avoid having a retard's face on their products, and that wouldn't be very PC. Potato Boy will be featured on the Lano Refill packaging during 2011.

Mikael contracted severe brain damage during his birth and has no will-controlled movements. He breathes through a tube in his throat and eats through a button on his stomach


—Mikael's mom

Yes, I think so. It will lead to a positive involvement. Every time someone sees the soap they will get associations to the boy


—Norwegian Marketing Guy

Congratulations /b/, you did it again! Seriously, this was 4chan. I saw a huge thread on /b/ about voting for this kid. How else would a multihandicapped child win Lano Ungen 2010? Congratulations, but not exactly a worthy victory


—Commentator on the newspaper article


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