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Info non-talk.png This article is about a friends only web site. Please contact user:quasidan for an invite! Site needs the comforting touch of Anon.

Typical latenightshots board post.
At least they're not all bad.
Typical women on LNS.
They're cool and ironic!

Late Night Shots ("LNS") is a Washington, DC-based social networking web site geared towards social climbers. It is a friends only site and you must be invited by another member in order to join. The site has a simple image board, message board, and various private messaging/online dating features. Like 4chan, the message board option is anonymous, meaning anyone can post under any name.

The point of LNS is to find whores that want you to rape them and then meet up with them at bars. The next day, you have to post a thread saying how awesome it was and post pics while everyone talks about how awesome you are.


Late Night Shots members are typically:


On July 12, 2007, Washington City Paper published a cover story about LNS written by Angela Valdez. The article basically namefagged some LNS users who asked Angela to perform sexual acts on them. As soon as it was posted and the Waaaambulance had been called, trolls, anon and internet tough guys descended upon the comments section. Anon summarized the article:

Dear Diary, The cool kids made fun of me again today. I HATE THEM SO MUCH!!! When I grow up I'm going to get them all back by getting a minimum wage job at a 3rd-rate local free newspaper and writing mean things about them. That will show them. Sincerely, Angela Valdez


—Jul. 12, 2007, at 2:26 pm

Many lawyers have posted responses as well:

Let the record show that I was at the party where Angela Valdez was blackout drunk, overly intoxicated and spilling drinks on people at the LNS party she so casually mentions. I am shocked that she has chosen to libel all parties involved, especially in the age of Google when these persons, who did not want to speak with her, literally will lose jobs because of this...much less over words they did not speak. Interesting that when you Google her name, she has plagiarized another writer's work. The most offensive part of this article is that nearly everyone she came into contact with treated her extremely well. This is the most unprofessional piece of writing I have read in a long time. She is a pathetic, unethical, and unprofessional person who should locked up in a jail cell with other duplicitous, no-talented clowns who propagate falsehoods.


Sally Hemmings, Jul. 12, 2007, at 12:17 pm

Much drama surrounded the article. Many internet tough guys came out of the woodwork to defend Mexican and baw about the assholes that inhabit LNS culture. Others

As many of you know, there was an article about LNS which appeared yesterday in the Washington City Paper, a local free newspaper. Unfortunately, outlets such as The City Paper, Wonkette, WhyIHateDC and Archive today-ico.png other DC blogs have used LNS as a means to incite their base readers. As we have experienced, the characterizations of LNS made by these groups are highly biased and often completely distorted to fit a negative agenda.

When LNS and its events have been profiled by respected publications such as the Washington Post, Washingtonian, Washington Life, and several college newspapers, the story presented is dramatically different. The stories are positive and provide a fair and honest reflection about LNS and its members. LNS has been profiled over a dozen times in legitimate media outlets such as the Washington Post.

We are very proud of both what we have built and the wide-ranging group of people LNS has attracted. The continued growth of the site in terms of membership, daily logins and traffic illustrates that LNS is something that people in Washington DC enjoy and want to be a part of. Contrary to the portrayal in local tabloids, LNS is comprised of individuals in their 20's, 30's and 40's who enjoy interacting with one another, exploring the DC social scene, and sharing laughs, both on the website and off.


— official response

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