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Latex Fox (Doug Nelson) is a fat fucking furfag that lives in Tacoma, WA. He doesn't work since he is collecting disability of the taxpayers dollars. The claim from him is that he has a bunch of health issues that keep him from being employed. It is really due to the fact that he doesn't shower and weighs 500 pounds. His fursona is a He is into bestiality and rapes the dog he stole from his ex-roommates. He is also a fan of poopy diapers as shown on his YouTube page as well, making him a babyfur or just likes shitting himself since he's too fat to get to the bathroom in time. His current boyfriend is a retard from Wisconsin.

Computer Love

Latexfox loves his computers. After all, it's the only place he can watch videos of dogs and masturbate at the same time without having to get up out of his stinky chair. He prides himself on being able to fix any computer, yet he always seems to be breaking his. It is possible that his computers an hero themselves, but more more than likely it's the fact he can't fix a computer and breaks it instead. As of this edit, he has been through 4 in the last 2 years.

Dog Love

His well-meaning parents apparently didn't know Doug liked diddling doggies when they bought him his first victim at age 17. Poor Snaggle. The dog died a year later when Latexfox hit puberty and began getting raped. The dog jumped in front of a moving car to end the violence.

While his ex-roommates were moving from the house where this fat bastard look-alike was living, he decided that while they were taking a load to their new place he would run off with their dog before they came back. This poor animal has been the subject of countless raeps multiple times a week.

Help me!

Fat Fuck Level

Poor Doug can't get a break. With all of his "health issues" he now weighs in at over 9000 pounds. His idea of eating healthy to control his weight is eating an entire bag of salad with half of a bottle of ranch dressing over the top. While on food stamps back in Ohio, he constantly ran out before the end of the month buying pizzas, steaks and Pepsi in an attempt to slim down.

Stay off the Twinkies and dog cum, kiddies!
Here what happens when you break booth feet a the same time.


—Latexfox on his weight issues.

Notable Quotes

You may be asking yourself "How stupid can a person really be?" Well, here's a good example.

Still in the hospital may be out by monday to weekday.


—@latexfox on Twitter's interpretation of the days of the week. (September 15th)

I wonder if i bought one of the slush magic thingies would help me masturbate better?


—Pondering the larger issues in life

it sucked but judge reduced fine to $750 possible work that of in community service really stickler on that cig butt's


—Also on Twitter. (July 15th)

latexfox 26 Aug 10 - Cats or Dogs? nether but I prefer dogs over cats


—More proof of his doggie love.

we will just flag your account so that it gets canceled how about that.


—Showing he is also a YouTube Cop

So glad to be back home and out of the hospital again. Getting sick and tired of being sick and this time it was not my fault a cat decided to bite me and that got badly infected over night and was hospitalized from Saturday all the way to Tuesday afternoon. Now I have to find some way to pay for my new medication.


—He apparently doesn't like pussy, either

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You should not try to IM him, unless you really want a lump of fat stuck in your intertubes, therefore, these are here to keep you from accidentally typing them into your IM client. Also, make sure you don't call or text him. Fatness is contagious and does pass through phones.

   MSN: [email protected]
   AIM: latexfox
   ICQ: 64727474
   Yahoo!: latex_fox
   Twitter: Latexfox
   Skype: latexfox
   Phone number: 262-327-4817
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