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Welcome to /leftypol/! A collective of people engaged in pretty much what the name suggests.
A typical sight on /leftypol/. Slavs blaming America for the failures of communism and western liberal useful idiots agreeing with them.
Poe's Law? Nobody can tell.
A political chart found in /leftypol/.

/leftypol/ is the 8chan board where 16 year old pol-sci students, third worlders, pro-Stalin Russian nationalists, and other people too stupid to understand basic economics go to gather to spread their terrible ideas and blame capitalism and the United States for everything bad that's ever happened in the world. All in the English language, on an American website, from their Apple devices, while enjoying all the other benefits of capitalism.

The only reason /leftypol/ hasn't been flushed like the turd it is is because of the strong free speech stance of fullchan.


/leftypol/ was created by a bunch of butthurt libs who are speaking truth to power™ against the fascist appropriation of *chan culture. They fight back by doing the typical liberal things like:

  • Bitching about free markets
  • Discussing how soon the suppression of basic human rights in a workers' revolution should be.
  • Antifa meetups.
  • Reading Che Guevara and thinking they know more about the world than any Western politician.
  • Being apologists for Russian, Chinese, Cuban, African, Asian, Middle Eastern (except Israel because even liberals hate kikes), and Latin American genocides.
  • Recommended reading lists from communist idealogues so they can appear erudite. Socialists are like sheep who can't think for themselves and need to parrot a "communist intellectual"'s opinions.
  • Salt about Donald Trump.
  • Foreign language threads for people in foreign countries with no history of liberal democracy to circlejerk over socialism.
  • Fighting amongst themsleves about who's ideology is the best when in real life they're all armchair revolutionaries
  • sjw idpol
  • /pol/ idpol


Because it's a bunch of teenagers unironically debating the merits of a long-debunked political system, /leftypol/ is a magnet for trolling from right /pol/ and moderates in general.

  • Do it the old fashioned way; post Stalin's, Mao's, and Pol Pot's high scores.
  • Point out the fact that Communism was founded and propagated by a bunch of Jews.
  • Ask why there has never been a free, prosperous communist country. When they inevitably say they weren't real communists, ask how much more communist can you get than total dedication to Marx?
  • Ask why the National Socialists didn't advance Germany from socialism to communism.
  • Tell everyone to turn on CNN because Noam Chomsky was reported unresponsive when taken by paramedics.
  • Start a Trotskyist vs. Maoist civil war.
  • Ask "if America is so bad, why did it prevail in the Cold War?" Bonus points for saying because of strong Christian morals.
  • Ask if they love communism so much, why don't they move to North Korea.
  • Defend a basic human right like the right to free speech, self-defense, or to vote then sit back and watch the butthurt.

Just remember, you WILL be banned because leftards are easily triggered.

The Suckening

File:26oct2017 leftypol 3week ban.PNG
October 2017 ban from leftypol

August 8th, 2017, an image of a black-haired person was uploaded to KnowYourMeme entitled "/leftypol/ board owner" by the Deactivated account RTheSecond. Two months later, a 3-week ban fofrom /leftypol/ was issued October 26th to a user who had posted the image, with no reasons specified.

November 13, 2017 a thread titled "/leftypol/ is finished.. Sucking cock" was posted on /pol/ on 8ch.net revealing video of a person giving fellatio titled "leftypol-board-owner.mp4" and linking to a 404 thread on /cargo-cult/ which had been bump-locked. The original filename of the video on cargo-cult was "leftypolboardowener.mp4" but when the hyphens were added the typo was corrected.

The person in this video matched the photograph posted by RTheSecond in August which had prompted the unexplained 3 week ban.

See also

  • Liberalism - The mental disorder they all have.
  • Antifa - The terrorist group they aid and abet.
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