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Come for the WIPs - stay for the lulz.



The dick responsible for LU
LU's mascot, Colon(el) Lostit

Legeacy Universe . net is a pathetic site set up by disgruntled BC Central members because they cant stand the fascism and faggotry of that pesky site

LU is most famous for the lulz and drama it exports to other boards.

It also features numerous geeky sub-forums and engorges in its overall depravity.

The founder is well known for being an utter genius and sees it as his personal duty to piss everyone off. The membercount is over 9000


LU's founder, blaXXer has been banned from BC Central for doing it for the lulz
Larousse1995, blaXXer, lint, Dr_McCoy1701A, darkthunder 
3 day comment ban for blatent breach of the site rules. 

If only he could write proper english.

Banned again due to the butthurt vice-admin, El-fag


You have already been asked  to post on topic by an Admin, if you are unable to do so then you will lose the posting privilege entirely. 
Back on topic pls. 
Edit: Blaxxer earns himself a 7 day ban for editing out my moderation comments, well done.


Legacy Universe features a diverse range in topics such as boobs, geekstuff, star trek and of course drama. Users, referred to as loyal subjects or feeble human prey are banished to the The Colony to be preyed on by faggots and zombies. Butthurt gheys have been rumored to roam the site, to ever be trolled (moar like lernin to internet, amirite?) by the populace. Also there is a place people are not supposed to talk about.

Trolling on LU is practically impossible, because nothing is serious business there. Those who become buttehurt, are left to fend for themselves under vicious trolling and zombie attacks.



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