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Enough said

Anyone who vote, fight or die for this country, deserves to drink.


—Common Sense

You can legally drink booze if you are over the legal drinking age. In most countries it is 18, same as the age of majority. But in the United States of Americunts, a.k.a the Land of Freedom it is 21 (the age of majority is 18), because they like treating adults as children.


Average MADD members

Before 1984, states were allowed to set their own legal drinking ages, and the drinking age varied from state to state. In 1984, the founder of a non-profit organization, called Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) gave an ultimatum to President Ronald Reagan, to change the legal drinking age to 21, in every single state. But there was a little problem: it is unconstitutional, the 21st Amendment allows each state to choose their individual legal drinking age. The solution: Threaten all the states to raise their drinking age to 21, or they gonna lose 10 percent of their annual federal highway apportionment.

Things you can do at 18, 19 and 20

When you turn 18, you are finally considered an adult.

Just a few things you can do:

The only thing you can't do:


Mothers Against Drunk Driving says that the raised drinking age saved over 9000 lives from the 18 to 20 year old group since 1984. It's a lie, because the total number of fatal accidents lowered. For dumbasses: The risk of an accident lowered the same time, regardless your age, gender, sexual orientation and penis size. Cars are safer than 30 years ago, DUI laws are more strictly enforced and people are pussies nowadays to drive drunk.

Actually, the raised drinking age kills, but the retarded MADD members and supporters don't realize that due to the lack of their common sense.

How MADD imagines six partying 20 year old "kids"

Let's see the facts:

  • If you're over 21, you can enter to bars or nightclubs. If you can't fuck the chick you want, you drink over 9000 shots. The result: you are laying in your vomit. The bouncer kicks your ass outta the club. In the street a by-passer calls the ambulance, and you stay alive.
  • But if you're under 21, you drink away from any forms of civilization. If you pass out, there is a lot of chance that you won't even be noticed by the others. But if they notice you, they presumably won't call 911, because they don't want to have a criminal record for your idiotism. The result: You die
  • If you're over 21, you have a lot of opportunities to drink. You walk in the store, grab a beer, show your ID and pay. Or just sit in a restaurant or a bar, order a wine, show your ID, and drink it like a sir.
  • But if you're under 21, even buying pot is easier than purchasing a beer. Therefore alcohol is the Forbidden Fruit. You have less opportunities to drink, so if you are at a party, you drink as much booze as you can. The craphead neighbor calls the cops, you try to escape from the law to the neighboring redneck ranch and the guard shoots you, and the result: You die

The American legal drinking age is like racism, it makes differences between two adults: A 20 years old have less rights than a 21 years old, although they are both adults.

American legal drinking age = Hypocrisy

Let's see some examples:

  • You risk your life in Iraq and make it home alive but you can't celebrate with your friends at a bar.
  • You get married at twenty and have to drink sparkling grape-juice (aka Shampagne) at your wedding reception.
  • You get your driver's license at sixteen, which means you can drive any vehicle up to 26000 pounds at speeds of upto 80 mph, but you have to wait five years to find out what beer tastes like.
  • You are a twenty year old slut who can dance in a strip club but are unable to enter the premises as a guest.
  • In some states you can shoot your dad's gun at fourteen but you can't share a beer with him to celebrate your first kill.

Consequences of drinking under 21

Spot the criminals!
Crime in progress! OMG Call 911!!!

Drinking under 21 is a CRIME in most states. So, if you are 20 years old and know what does alcohol taste like, there is high chance that you are a CRIMINAL!

If you purchase, possess or consume alcohol (even non-alcoholic beer in some states), and the cops find it out, you are in trouble. Mostly they will give you a "Notice to Appear at the Court" ticket, but they may even arrest you! You are charged with "Minor in Possession" (MIP), which can be a civil offense, just like a speeding ticket, but in most states it is a misdemeanor crime, just like an assault, DUI or fucking in public. That means, you will have a criminal record, and your MIP will show up when you are applying for a job, and you will be screwed. In addition, you will get a fine about $250 or if you are a poorfag, you can choose community service instead of paying the fine. In some redneck states, you may even get a jail sentence for subsequent offenses.

The funniest thing: You are charged with a crime called "Minor in Possession", but your case goes to an adult court. They treat you like a child, then in the same case you are an adult. That's very logical and fair! But it's not the end…

The most hypocritical penalty is the mandatory license suspension. Which means, your license must be suspended regardless of the circumstances. The government thinks that if you drink under 21, you WILL drive drunk, even if you don't have any car key within your 10 mile area. They don't treat adults as adults, because they are between 18 and 20.

Here is an example: It's a weekend, you are enjoying the Californian sunset, and today is your 20th birthday. You invite your friends to the frat house to a birthday party. It's hammer time, the party began. But the cops arrive because of a noise complaint. Your dumbass friend opens the door, and the pigs spot a bottle of beer. They come in, and charge everybody with MIP, without even breathalyzing them, just because they are near the bottles of alcoholic beverages and its a bad thing guys y'all are criminals. You are charged with "Contributing the Delinquency to a Minor" too, because you hosted the party and let those innocent 19 and 20 year old children do drink the Satan's beverage. It's court time. You paid a lot to a lawyer, therefore your "Contributing the Delinquency to a Minor" charge is dropped. But you can't escape from the law! The judge finds you guilty in "Minor in Possession". You get a nice criminal record, a $250 fine, and the bonus: Your driver's license is suspended for ONE YEAR. It doesn't matter that you didn't even looked at any kind of cars. You are screwed as hell. Then you meet with your alcoholic neighbor at the court. He had a DUI trial, you ask him about his license: he burps a big, then says: "4 months". You are angry as fuck.

Summary: If you are over 21, and you drive drunk as hell, risking dozens of lives, your license will be suspended for 4 months. But if you have a beer in your pocket at 20, risking no ones lives, you lose your license for 12 months. The dumbass idiotic fucktard government people and the Bitches Against Common Sense (MADD) thinks that drinking under 21 is 3 times as dangerous as drunk driving.

How to avoid getting an MIP

If you celebrate your birthday this way, there is a 100 percent chance you will not get an MIP
He's definitely won't get an MIP

90 percent of people in their late teens drink alcohol regularly, so it's not an option to say no to booze, unless you want to be a nerd pussy. Therefore the only way to avoid getting an MIP is to minimize the risks of getting caught, or drinking with parents (most states allow people under 21 to drink a little bit at home with their parents).

Let's see those tips:

  • Get a Fake ID.
  • If you're a pussy to have a Fake ID, travel to Yurop, Canada or Mexico where nobody cares about you, because the legal drinking age is 16 or 18.
  • If you have no time, no money or you simply hate Eurofags, moose fuckers or stinky lazy illegal immigrants, go to New York. Getting caught while drinking under 21 is not a big deal there. It's just a civil offense, not a crime, the fine is only $50, and your license won't be suspended!
  • Hide yo beer, hide yo wine in your bag or in your trunk!
  • If the police stop you and want to search your car or bag, do not ever let them do that! If they have no probable cause (they can't see or smell the booze), or you don't let them search your car or bag, they can't do anything.
  • If you're having a party and the motherfucker neighbor calls the cops, find the most sober guy in your house, send him/her to answer the door. After opening the door, he/she must close it from the outside, so the cops won't see or smell anything. They will want to get in the house. The person you sent to the door must say a big NO to the pigs, then telling that the party will be more quiet. The cops can't do anything else, they will go back to Dunkin Donuts.
  • If you get caught for drinking or possessing booze, remember: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do, can and will be held against you in the court of law." For dummies: SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND DON'T TELL ANYTHING TO THE COPS!. Hire a lawyer, then good luck! Maybe the case will be dropped and you won't have an MIP!

Supporters of current legal drinking age