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Occasionally referred to as lethal action, legal action is what faggots and Internet tough guys resort to when someone makes them angry OL. Many "victims" of LJDrama and Encyclopedia Dramatica have threatened legal action against their oppressors.

In Austria there have however been some successes, including the removal of a user from the Internet in June 2003 in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia, and a succesful internet stalking charge in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia in April 2006. This is because Austria is run by a bunch of Nazi fucks.

It should be noted that when ED threatened legal action against Uncyclopedia, they promised to give up the ED logo. This proves that Uncyclopedia is scared shitless of us.

The lesson here is that THE INTERNET IS SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS, so don't get your ass sued off by an irate, irrational individual.

Types of Legal Action

  • Getting sued
  • Getting Arrested
  • Getting it in the ass in jail
  • Sucking off a Judge so you dont go to jail


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Legal Action is also sleeping with Amalea.

Legal action

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