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An avatar from Legend of Aurea.

Legend of Aurea was a lesser messageboard/MMORPG that copied off of Gaia. The main activities of Aureans included flaming each other for posting duplicate threads and bitching to Hiro (the creator of the site) about all the shit they want, talking about how much better their stuff is than Gaia's stuff.

Similarly to Gaia, Aureans had avatars. These avatars were bigger than Gaia's, but just as shitty.

Because Legend of Aurea wasn't ever updated and all the weeaboos know that Gaia houses many more of their kind, they had a forum-based community that's smaller than your IQ. Essentially, the entire website was a copy of Gaia. Even though it had less places than Gaia, Aureans still thought their site was better than Gaia.

Bulletin-board System

The bulletin board system is a forum. That's it. This is where most of the yiffing happens, since most Aureans are also furfags. The shitty roleplay and bitching at Hiro also occurs here. The forums are the lifeblood of Aurea, and where most Aureans spend their time. Anyone who embraces their humanity should avoid this shithole at all costs, unless they are raiding it, which is generally accepted among the human race.

What Could Be Found on the Forums

  • Yiff
  • Complaining by Aureans about the new items they want so they can make their avatars look even more like furries more effectively
  • Posts about gay emo music
  • Furry roleplay
  • Furfag art trades
  • Hiro trying to seduce money from morons with promises of shit items

Other Things Aureans Do

Aureans spend most of their time on the forums, but they also "play" "games", buy/sell/spend/eat fake money, fight puffballs, and eat each other's shit.

Battle System

The battle system is shit. It's not even a game. You hit a button a bunch of times until this thing called a "fluff" (there are no other monsters) dies, or it kills you. God only fucking knows how a little puffball can kill you, but we'll leave that to the Aureans. Legend has it that if you kill at least 100 Fluffs, Hiro will raep you.


Aurea's games include All or Nothing, Crystal Break, Coin Catch, Puzzle, Elements, and Slots. They also have a lottery that no one ever wins. All the games suck and no one ever plays them. Unlike Gaia, they don't give you gold; instead, to earn money, Aureans sell pictures of themselves in fursuits to other Aureans and buy fake money for real money.


There are three types of currency in Aurea: Orii, Aurum, and Game Tokens.

  • Orii is obtained by posting in the shitforums and killing Fluffs.
  • Aurum is obtained by giving Hiro a blowjob or buying it for real US dollars.
  • Game tokens are obtained by buying them with Orii for 25 Orii each or playing "games." See the above section.

One main activity of Aureans is buying Aurum (which has no monetary value) for US Dollars (which has monetary value, although not a lot) and then selling the Aurum for Orii (no monetary value). Orii and Aurum is spent on clothes/accessories which usually serve the purpose of making Aureafags' avatars look like furries.


There are four main types of Aureans. Each level is made up of furfags that think Legend of Aurea is like furheaven, and everyone in every level should be avoided at all costs.

King Aureafag

The first-ever aureafag that started it all was Hiro, the King of the Aureans. He is known for creating the site, and is a registered pedophile in at least 100 states. His behavior includes yiffing people, making fursuits, bitching about maintaining his retarded fucking website, begging for money like an e-hobo, and actually listening to the complaints that the primary, secondary and tertiary Aureafags make about how they don't have enough items to look like a cow dominatrix yiffing a squirrel.

Primary Aureafags (Mods)

Mods are the primary reason why this site should die. They float around the site, yiffing and banning people for saying something they don't like. It doesn't even have to break the rules; if a primary aureafag doesn't like it, they will delete your threads and ban you. It is estimated that over 9000 people have been banned from Aurea for this reason, which is why Aurea only has 1,100 sum-odd accounts, at least 100 of which are in regular use. Primary Aureafags are Hiro's favorite yifftoys, and they roleplay dirty donkeys with him frequently. Hiro also uses primary Aureafags to get rid of all the complainers when he doesn't feel like dealing with them, which is relatively infrequent but happens at least 100 times a month.

Secondary Aureafags (Regulars)

Secondary Aureafags are Aureafags with little or no power that spend all of their time on this retarded fucking website, yiffing, roleplaying, trading fursuit pics, and "playing games." Usually primary Aureafags adopt secondary Aureafags and keep them as yiffslaves. Much aurean drama and lulz has ensued from fights over yiffslaves, as primary Aureafags are very territorial.

Tertiary Aureafags (Lurkers)

Lurkers are the kind of Aureafags that lurk around the message boards and click on all the furfagglish links while avoiding conversation from anyone. Tom Cruise is a known tertiary aureafag, and all tertiary Aureafags are proven pedophiles that rape animals for phun and lulz.

Similarites to Gaia Online

  • Everything, except that Gaia has more people and therefore more furfags.

Cultural Diffusion

It was said that the furfags from Gaia are beginning to hear about Aurea and slowly move their fursuit pic-selling businesses there in hopes of a new future.

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