Legendary Ruin Status

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This one of a kind Web Badge will show everyone how cool you are. Each badge is watermarked with a unique pixel arrangement and preloaded with a Sony Brand Rootkit to prevent unauthorized use.

Legendary Ruin Status is the ultimate award of the Tubes. Forget the webbies, fuck the bloggies, that shit is for Web 2.0 loving fgtz. Legendary Ruin Status means you won the Internet. Period. Chosen by a secret cabal of past Ruiners, this prestigious honor is awarded to only the most brilliant and destructive of trolls and ruins. Highly prized throughout the Web, you also receive this tasteful internet .gif to display on your blog. You will be the envy of Bloggers worldwide. Camwhores will click YOUR wishlist.

Legendary Trolls

Legendary Ruins

Those who will never, ever receive such a status