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Carl proudly declares, "I haven't looked at horse porn in five years!" So he claims.

I can't stand the #lemonade chat room. Nobody really talks about something with consistency, or seems to play video games/watch TV/read anything. Linking anything that could prompt actual discussion seems to warrant a flurry of "SHUT UP FAGGOT"s. It's too hard to tell if someone is being hostile or if they just find themselves hilarious....I just can't stand it.


—Silve, giving an admirably accurate description of #lemonade.

#lemonade is a self-proclaimed "small, tight-knit Internet community" where groups of users to go to wallow in their own cynicism and entropy. It is run by ex-furry and horse porn enthusiast "Sammy the Cat Carl Beany Buhl Bojangles Horseface Spike," and the bulk of its users are outcasts from other communities they have deemed "not worthy of their presence". Almost all discussions in the official #lemonade IRC channel revolve around bitching over the various websites and chatrooms its members have shunned or been kicked out of throughout the years, most notably The Moogle Cavern and its related IRC channel, #srb2. Also cocks.


Internet love is so sweet.

#lemonade began as an effort to escape the growing faggotry at #srb2, another channel that was filled with raving bearded lunatics and pregnancy fetishists. Unfortunately, a rose by any other name is still a festering shithole filled with closet homosexuals and furries (with hookers and blackjack). #lemonade has become a place where you can say anything to anyone at any time without repercussions--unless you're talking to Masaki, then you're going to get fucken' b& before you even know what happened.


The typical scene during evening festivities at a LemoCon event. Seriously, it doesn't even need a witty caption.

Realizing that people didn't actually care if #lemonade existed or not, Sammybeany quickly decided that every year #lemonade users should get together for a "LemoCon". On average, a LemoCon will see a staggeringly large number of attendants numbering a single dozen! A typical LemoCon involves sucking lots of dick in the provided hotel room or crying in the corner of the room because you aren't having your dick sucked. Alternatively, it is also a popular destination in which you may show off your Internet girlfriend to a bunch of people who are awe-struck at your ability to be near a member of the opposite sex without a restraining order.


In 2007, this ability was lost on one “Blues the Squirrel,” who, finding the smooth black exterior more satisfying than a vagina, would brutally rape his PSP more often than he would talk to his (now ex) girlfriend. The lack of attention forced his already whore of a girlfriend back into her old ways. Quickly scurrying from male member to male member, Squish frantically tried to hide from her natural environment by attempting to invade whoever would have her, overtaking the host body and using it for her own selfish gain, one day wishing to rule the world. Having used up Blues, she was able to make a successful bond at LemoCon with Fadflamer, one of the many sex-starved denizens of #lemonade. As part of the agreement, she was forced to grow a penis to satisfy his obsession with the male cock. Unlike other girls Fad had tried to sleep with, he had no need to ask her of any other changes to her anatomy, since she already looked like a pre-pubescent Jewish boy. With Fad’s cock pleased, Blues IRL QIR, suckling on the teat (analog nub) of his PSP. He became very angry and posted at the Moogle Cavern, but the entirety of events happened during an officially sanctioned #lemonade event, making it officially sanctioned #lemonade drama! Oh how wonderful!


Some fat kids did it in the shower.


An Old Adage: Lemons and Lime? Go down fine. Limes and Horse, get a divorce.

#lemonade Etiquette

  • Try your best to emulate whatever the British people find hilarious at any give time. try talking in all lowercase without punctuation like this it is v. funny and will help you fit in also use really stupid elongated emoticons like this ;---------------------) also do not forget to put quotations "around parts of the sentence" that "need emphasizing"
  • Don't be a girl. While people in other communities might fawn over the girls to try to win their favor, #lemonade is filled with closet queens that realize women belong in the kitchen. If you're a girl, you should go somewhere else because you're obviously an attention whore (all girls are) and you're not going to like the sort of attention you get. Unless you're a freak masochist like the rest of the girls (all three of them) that go to #lemonade. Then, by all means, enjoy your stay.
  • Don't be a crossdresser. While homosexuals, furries, and pedophiles are welcome to #lemonade, crossdressers will be banned.
  • Showing your dick is a great way to move up the social ladder in #lemonade. Just ask Fadflamer. He showed his cock and now he's a channel operator.
  • Always put out for Olene.
  • Spew elitism out every orifice, preferably the butthole.

Daily #lemonade Schedule (EST)

12PM - 9PM

British hours (no americans allowed, unless you are Csonig, the "court jester"). Talk about hatred for Nintendo and Blaze Hedgehog.

9PM - 12AM

Talking about how much everyone's respective lives suck, also Blaze Hedgehog.

12AM - 4AM

British leave. #lemonade after dark. Cockshowing, cocksucking, everything cock.

4AM - 12PM

Wipe semen from eyes, sleep. Cycle repeats.



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