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Leung Chun Ying or 689 as the chinkys call him. Was the leader of Hong Kong that tried to give Hongkongers a sample of what was to be the "future".

This resulted in the fucking half of the population sitting-out and demanding the cuck to resign. Obviously, he didn't and later everything went downhill. Later he pussyed out on the second term and needed his fuckdoll to run the town for him.

He was sworn in on the 1st July of 2012 and like how Brian Zaiger ruined ED, fucked Hong Kong up mostly and the shit laws and policies still effect the little chinese bois that roam the streets of hong kong in their noodle filled mouths.

He was given a nickname 689 due to the fact that was the number of votes he had. But there are plenty more vulgar names given to him in the cantonese but since your little whitey mind can't comprehend the language so I left it out for the smartys to find.

Sucking Britains Cock

He started shoe-shining Britains shoes by putting anti-china laws down against those filthy pesky Chinese retards from the north and put limitations on immigration and to make the economy and housing market match up with the population thus making less problems and at this point he was a good boi.


So when he got sworn in by a council that has fucking chinese rich bois. He did some really dum dum stuff like adding a "National Education" law so the young generation learns the benefits of Communism and how Mao is god. He also has some minor corruption by spending some money on his already rich house that is on a mountain with a fucking swimming pool (its rare here okay?) And allowing mainlanders to take all the housing off the local residents like basically the opposite what he did before.

He started some shit and got everyone mad and made everyone sit in a highway for 3 months. Retard thinking they would go away, more people started flooding more areas with yellow umbrellas and yellow bows and autisticly screaming "Free Elections" while getting tear gassed by the po-po.


His daughter as like any woke Hongkong wahmen teenager. She is far-right while her papa is going the opposite way. So she started shitposting on her facebook like hell and doing some dumb shit to get attention like slapping her mom in a nightclub and called her dad "Hitler" when she is far-right smh...

Anyways she shitposted so much that she became mental and now has a mental problem and is now taking medication for it (she cut for her daddy). Her father was so fucking shitted that he didn't want to run for another year and left to his bitch Carrie Lam to take the stand.


Don't shitpost till the point you take meds. That's fucking assburgers syndrome.

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