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Killing two birds with one stone, liberals begin holding their protests in unempoyment lines.

A community on lj populated with hippies, communists, and terrorist sympathizers currently lorded over by Lj-favicon.png marxist_thug. It is one of the largest communities on lj adding truth to the old adage that idiots travel in packs. They blame George W Bush for everything from global warming to the cancelation of twin peaks. It is a community that champions freedom of speech and they are willing to ban you to prove it.

When confronted with opposing thought they ban the person, then they fire all the moderators for letting people voice their opinions about banning the person. Finally, they make speaking the name of the banned person a bannable offense.

The community is a breeding ground for conservative trolls who believe that it is easy to exploit self loathing liberal arts students lamenting that the women's studies job market is drying up.

Qualifications for Membership

A typical liberal livejournal user.

How to troll liberals OL

  • Are simply jealous because conservatives know more about government than liberals do? Why do you hate America?
  • If the government did WTC you wouldn't be alive right now.

Non LiveJournal Liberals

These are Americans who wish to hug Osama that either have not discovered lj or chose to espouse their faith on blogs. This allows them to feel elite while pimping their Amazon wish-lists and Google ads.

Why do liberals hate America?

Why do liberals hate America? is a question so common that it has evolved into a catchphrase. Ever since 9/11, however, it has become common knowledge that liberals hate America because they are pussies.

Liberals believed that the American Hippie Movement in the 1960's had changed people for the better and everyone had a new respect and understanding for one another. In the mean time all the other countries in the world being pissed off for being used as pawns during the Cold War (see Afghanistan) and were tired of seeing their role models depicted as the bad guys in movies and Counter-Strike. Things in those countries were fucked up before George W. Bush was elected to office, but nobody cared because it was not shown on television. Now because MySpace says so, liberals somehow think that everything America does is wrong.


As of 06:31, 21 Aug 2005 (UTC), the community has been BALETED. It is rumoured that this is a banana and a half.


On 20 Sept 2005, marxist_thug completed the flounce like a pro and restored the community.