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The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Exposed
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You can't make this shit up.

The liberal media is a type of media, that consists of NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News (After the First Republican Debate in 2015), your mom, and basically anything that's even remotely left of far right. The liberal media is often known to shoot out delusional spin.

People will suggest that there is no such thing as the liberal media. These are the same faggots who circle jerk to the news because they think it is some holy pursuit of truth that leads to the betterment of society, and journalists are the holy oather takers who keep a vigilant watch on the facts kept in balance by the weight and responsibility of their reputations, the only thing that they have in this world that is of value. All who oppose are heretics who seek to taint the truth and spread lies to lead the flock of sheep to the slaughter.

Basically they see the liberal media as a religion, and they are right. The liberal media is a lot like the catholic church, they pretend to be holier than thou, they diddle your children (both metaphorically and literally) and when they fuck up and get caught being worthless hypocrites they get moved to a new location and go back to doing the same shit because they all about hustlin' fo' money. They shout down those who bring up inconvenient facts because it fucks up their money making scheme for ad dollars, jew shekkles, and CIA funding. And the easiest way to insure this doesn't happen is to shun the nonbelievers as evil.

Flavors of liberal news media

Liberal media is meant to be easily consumed and compliment other forms of liberal media. While this would be called synergy if productive members of society were doing it, journalists are lazy overly, over paid, opinionated cunts so it is much more akin to circlejerking. Flavors include:

  • Internet "journalism": Flavor profile: Shit with sprinkles on it This is the lowest of the low. It has zero nutritional value due to a willingness to say and do anything possible to get you to click. Internet journalism has no defenders, as no one can deny its bad for you and has only a handful of sweet spots that are easily tainted by all that shit. They also use tracking beacons to profit off of selling your personal info to anyone and sell you ads in the form of "news". As if that weren't shitty enough, they also try and push ideology because all of the writers for these sites are either college dropouts or have useless degrees that are not in their field of "work". If you wanna fuck with them sign up for [1], where you can pretend to be an expert in something and since they are too lazy to fact check anyone the will believe you.

Contents: failed college dropouts, SJW Faggots, failures at life with useless degrees, pseudo intellectuals, blatant lies, ads pretending to be news, stolen content, collusion, viruses, beacons, trackers, and pandering

Warning: internet "journalism" is highly toxic and should be disposed of safely and immediately. May cause, but is not limited to, viruses becoming unlikable/uninformed/an sjw, and will sell your info

  • Punditry: Flavor profile: junk food chips. While it is possible to get some nutrional value out of this and it okay to indulge in now and again when bored, it is in no way good for you in large quantities. Consuming pundantry in small doses will give you enough to socially interact, large amounts will make you a fat, smelly, unlikable and cause regurgitation of the junk you just consumed. Pundints will often use the brand recognition of their companies to give an internet "journalist" friend an opportunity to leave their toxic shit pit. With our flavor profiles, this is akin to making a dip with the shit with sprinkles and serving it to viewers because they believe this is complimentry when in reality they are just making their companies brand worse. The saving grace is that they aren't selling you the news as ads but instead are selling you ideology and making shit up as they go along to fit their narrative that their corporate masters agree to. They frequently will cover the same topics over and over because punditry is like running a 24/7. If you wanna fuck with them sign up for [2], where you can pretend to be an expert in something and since they are too lazy to fact check anyone the will believe you.

Contents: Unwarrented Self Importance, ideology before facts, fake stats, smug faggotry, coverage of what people post on twitter, "expert" interviews from a random person they found on HARO the backs their predetermined conclussions

Warning: Consumption of Punditry in large quantities will cause you to buy the same exact book (but with a different title) every 6 months, cause delusional thinking, cause verbal diarrhea from regurgitating what you consumed and make you unlikable

  • Nightly News: Flavor profile: stale bread This has okay amounts of nutritional value because it only has an hour time slot and then goes away. Consuming Nightly News will give you vital nutriance, but often has filler such as fluff pieces, or reporting on pundantry. It is impossible to consume too much of the nightly news variety because it is designed to be bland so no one over consumes. Pundantry and Nightly News will occassionally mix, and go together about as well as a stale sandwhich with nothing but chips.

Many assume Nightly News is always good for you, but due to issues in the manufacturing process it, it is not uncommon to come accross contaminants such as Brian Williams making up a story about his helicopter being shot down... or pretty much anything for that matter, and will occationally have to do a recall of their product in the form of a retraction. Fucking with them using HARO will not work unless you live in the area near a tradgedy or claim to know a mass spree killer and can get on a live feed, then you can troll them hard.

Contents: Failed Actors, Failed comedians, Smugness, Unwarranted self importance, Pundit coverage, Tragedy porn, made up glory stories, PR company spin

Warning: Nightly News can occasionally contain trace amounts of lies or government propaganda.

  • Print Media: Flavor profile: KFC The nutritional value on this varies. The local side dishes tend to be healthy for you as it will only contain news in your area or verified national news. National papers tend to have high fat and sodium content in they will allow for editorialized contend sides; stale bread nightly news or pundit chips. There have also been many issues with cross contamination with internet "journalism" getting in their news and running sponsered content. Luckily some people realized this and stopped consuming this type of media while others decided they wanted their contaminants straight from the source and began shoveling Shit-Sprinkled. If you wanna fuck with the editorials that are unresearched shit sign up for [3], where you can pretend to be an expert in something and since they are too lazy to fact check anyone the will believe you.

Contents: JEW OWNERSHIP, Unwarrented Self Importance, fake stats, smug faggotry, coverage of what people post on twitter, "expert" interviews from a random person they found on HARO the backs their predetermined conclussions, Failed Actors, Failed comedians, Smugness from believing print makes the story legit, Unwarranted self importance, Pundit coverage, Tragedy porn, PR company spin, failures at life with useless degrees, pseudo intellectuals, blatant lies, ads pretending to be news, stolen content, collusion

Warning: Cross contamination from Internet "journalism" is common in print media, if you choose to consume print media try to keep it local to minimize risk

Liberal Media is just a conspiracy theory

In all honesty suggesting that there is even such a thing as a liberal media, or that the media is colluding, mass censoring, all interconnected, being manipulated by the CIA, or refusing to cover big stories to get advertising dollars from companies in scandal is just silly.

The most riddiculous tin-foil conspiracy tard crap is that the CIA controls and colludes with the liberal media. Sure, a ridiculous lie was invented back in 1950's because the CIA has a small operation where they did manipulate the media. Sure project mocking bird was something that existed but there is no proof the CIA is still doing it anymore. Next will try and say that Project Mockingbird changed from the direct payment methods that caused them to get caught in the 1970's, and now filter the cash through think tanks, non-profit groups, and shell corporations in order to be harder to trace. THAT IS INSANE AND YOU ARE STUPID FOR THINKING THIS! You can trust the government unless republicans are in the presidency. I bet you are a Gamergate loser who believes DIGRA was trying to alter human behavior through videogames. You're so stupid

You are an idiot if you think this actually happened

That is the problem with conspiritards like you, you believe anything just because it sounds like some kind of bizzaro plot to a movie. Like the crazy idea the media is censoring the news for political purposes! That is insane! Sure, Sweden has been censoring the media actively for over 5 years to keep leftists in power and yes Twitter, a real time news site is actively censoring conservatives while allowing terrorists like ISIS to use their service for recruiting and Zuckerberg got caught on a hot mic agreeing to censor Facebook of anything critical of Merkel and her refugee policy and sure, "non partisan" "fact" checking site Politifact lied about Trump exposing the censorship of German media and awarded him lie of the year despite it being true but that happened to stop hate speech and to prevent giving a voice to those who enable hate speech, so it's not censorship.

We don't censor, we just delete "HATE SPEECH" because wrong thing has no place on the internet

Honestly, you believe there is some conspiracy out there to control the internet? Yeah we already established that Twitter and Facebook censor hate speech. Boo hoo, go to a racist site and be a racist! Oh and don't say that ideology like feminism is being forced down peoples throats. Just because 82% of Americans don't identify as feminist, and people who identify as feminists is the lowest it's ever been in history other than back when men ruled the world and women were in the kitchen doesn't mean it is not a growing movement that we should be having important discussions about. After all it is important to START a coversation. And sure accross all media websites like reddit, tumblr, twitter, facebook, youtube etc. they have began censoring any one who makes fun of fat people. Again, it's hate speech. What do you think that since obesdity has climbed due to government subsidies of low nutrional value food it is some sort of plot by those web sites advertisers to keep beautiful plus size people from feeling any shame that would cause them to stop eating fast food 24/7 and make their profits go down? That is ridiculous. Why would anyone try and condition your behavior? Money? Power? Jesus fuck you are paranoid.

Blah blah blah, it's not happening to make money. It's just a study

Next you are gonna try and say that these hate speech sites have double standards like #KILLALLMEN being okay. Look that's not sexism or racism. Why, because it's satire. Sure satirist like Dick Masterson have been banned for saying men are better than women and making jokes. But those jokes aren't funny, I don't care if his book sold out on Amazon despite that it's available minus a single chapter on his website. It's hate speech. He should not be allowed to make friends or money from hate speech.


What are you going to spew out some retard theory that facebook, websites, and marketing companies use skinner-box models to retain users to keep them from leaving once the websites start implimenting policies that no one agrees with! That's stupid.

And don't try and say because Jews like George Soros who owns and invests in most of the media are trying to manipulate the news just because Soros once said “I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise I might end up in the loony bin.” and “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance—to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god”. None of those statements mean anything and if you speak poorly of Soros,YOU ARE AN ANTISEMITE!

Sure it's all true, but Alex Jones and Glenn Beck say it so it should be ignored

Seriously, what kind of crazy person are you? Believing the jews run the news media! I mean, if Jews ran the media they would hold a disproportionate amount of CEO possitions in media companies like facebook or Disney or own a bunch of news outletts (which as we established, if you say anything bad about George Soros, you are anti-semetic) or own ABC or have their own internet defence force and legal arm that will sue you into oblivion and defame you if you cross them. I am so sick of hearing the jews run everything! If that were true there would be a disproportionate amount of them in movies, the music industry, banking, stock trading, management positions, politics, academia, and they would have their own country that would deny prosecution to those who go after their people. As we all know, none of this is true and don't give me that shit about the Protocals of the Elders of Zion! We all know that was a false flag on the jews and someone just wrote that made up bullshit in their free time. Do you see any of that shit happening you retarded, racist, anti-semetic, ignorant retard?!


That is retarded. Let me guess I bet you also believe the media colludes together just because of the Journos list? Do you ever take off your tinfoil hat? Sure, Ezra Klein controlled the forum's membership and limited it to "several hundred left-leaning bloggers, political reporters, magazine writers, policy wonks and academics." and yes, Klein justified excluding conservatives from participation, and sure there was a "conspiracy" to prop up then Presidential candidate Barack Obama that was carefully orchestrated, but who hasn't been part of a funny lol work email chain letter? Next you will tell me some blatant made up bullshit like Videogame journalism did the same exact thing to launder money to one another, collude narratives, rig gaming awards, sell friends videogames, and shill projects. God, you are stupid.

Next you are gonna say stupid shit like there are maraiges in the liberal media that are done soley for the sake of securing power! You porbably think MSNBC is controlled because CEO Andrea Mitchel and Alan Greenspan are married, when MSNBC is the only one fighting the evil that is fox news.


Liberal Media, degeneracy acceptance, and you

Liberal media began when people who got their shit kicked in school for being faggots, jews, pedos, or perverts. When they spent all their time studying and went to universities instead of partying, they sought positions power to change the rules to make universities a retard utopia, then listed those things as accomplishments on resumes to get internships at big media companies.

PAST SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS: normalizing race mixing and gay rights.

  • Back in the 60's the liberal media tried their firs attempt at changing public perception with inter racial dating with tactics such as Star Treks interacial kiss, using blackspoitation to trick white people into thinking Pam Greir was fuckable as FOXY BROWN, or heavily covering civil rights marches. It is hard to know if this is the right move or not, since most Americans are now dirty race mix babies and we have grown up considering this acceptable. Some argue this isn't all that bad because there was never such thing as a pure bloodline in the days of our evolution and biracial families are normal just like you and me, while others will say inferior genes are destroying pure bloodlines.
  • The most recent successful campaign was homosexuality being accepted as normal by showing gay people as human beings with depth on tv, causing acceptace and gay rights to be passed. Before gays were often portrayed as effinent weak whores who were 24/7 down to fuck because when only 10% of the population shares your mental disorder it's hard to get sex. This changed sometime when Freddy Mercury came into everyones life, because it proved even if you are a cum guzzling shit eating AIDS carrying faggot, you can make good music. Some argue homosexuality is not a choice and has no successful way to convert non homosex people into normal human beings worthy of living, while others point to the shit that goes on in public streets infront of children durring gay pride parades and say how the fuck is that socially acceptable?

THE CURRENT LIBERAL MEDIA BATTLE: TRANNIES The current battle for acceptance that the liberal media is pushing for acceptance is Transexuals. Some argue Transgender people are either attention seekers or just mentally ill, and many sick fucks can just abuse the rules in order to be perverts. After all, it is the current year and gays were once considered garbage and insane, how is this any different? There is just one problem, it turns out the leading medical experts in the field also think transgenderism is a mental disorder after all and chopping up someones pee pee parts to make new pee pee parts don't stop them from becoming an hero. The liberal media is used to winning these battles, after all faggots were diseased whores until liberal media gave them a make over. The problem is the liberal media doesn't even know what the fuck a tranny actually is because there is no definition. As a result, liberal media attempted to expand the definition of gender in hopes that if you fling enough shit at a wall something will stick. What stuck is the make-it-up-as-you-go-along-rip-off-pokemon game of tumblr gender and gender is not the same as sex citing the definitive study of Dr. John Money and his sexual abuse sexual reassignment of David Reimer (a young boy who lost his penis in an accident) to a girl as a successful case of changing someones gender. It was so successful that David became a drug addict, alcoholic, went in to debt, stopped identifying as a girl because he knew it was bullshit and became an hero at age 38.

skip to 12:15 for the John Money story, or watch the whole thing for examples of normal transgender people

When people started questioning how this was possible, how it was NOT crazy, how is this helping transgender people? The liberal media trippled down by having all websites hop one the current year bandwagon and add EXTRA genders to their gender fields, as well as new sexuality (this is tactical for their next fight they are setting up for, pedophilia is a sexuality). Now liberal media is fighting for TRANSGENDER RIGHTS.

You honestly believe people would abuse transgender rights, come on, it's the current year why would anyone do that?

There is just one problem with Transgender rights, no one has a clear definition of what transgenderism is. You knew a racemixing couple just by looking at them. You knew who was a faggot by how many dicks they consumed and how few t-cells they had. No one knows what counts as a tranny. There is no dress code, there is no surgery requirement, there is no consistency in identifying requirement, there is no actual requirement to identify as a known gender.


As a result pedos are using this as an excuse to genderfluid in and out of childrens changing rooms, pervs are jerking it to hot teen locker room action, and degenerate scum who no longer wanna raise shitty kids ditch their families and because 7 year old girls. Now it isn't uncommon for a group to take a hard look at their own people, start setting up a standard, be willing to compromise a few things and concede some points, and use that standard to rid those who are using their cause as a shield for personal gain. Well, not TRANSRIGHT ACTIVISTST! They have decided to just deny that reality is real, talk about their feels and call those who disagree CIS SCUM, because nothing says tolerance like creating your own slur.

No, I don't think people will abuse the law even if they are abusing the law

While gays and inter-racial couples were successful because they worked to prove they are human and normal, that they are likable and normal, that they can be a normal part of the American landscape without ruining or infringing on others, called out their own who made them look bad, and did not stoop to being as low as those who oppressed them. Trannies have done the exact opposite. Any attempts to normalize their degenerate behavior have pretty much backfired, so now they've resulted to name calling and complaining that people who refuse to have gay sex with them are biggots. In other words, trans rights isn't about litteral rights, but instead people not giving them what they want and telling them how great they are for it.

You too can abandon your family if you become a tranny

Liberal Media's End Goal: PEDO-ACCEPTANCE

Liberal media wants us to live in a society with zero shame so they can not only openly be degenerates, but so they can talk others into helping act out their degenerate fantasies as well. Sound like crazy talk? It's because right now they are in the pedo sympathizer phase. The sympathy phase is a way for the liberal media can come off as understanding of their pedophile colleges, but explain to the public how they are not reprehnsable shit bags for being friends with, gainfully employing, and defending the honor of people who sexually abuse kids.

The two most common defenses for pedophilia are that pedophilia is just a different sexuality and pedos can't help it. What they always leave out is that pedophiles pretty much destroy a childs life, because kids who get diddled don't grow up normal, they become rejects of society and a drain to the taxpayer they will become ugly and unfuckable after 28 when their metabolism slows down and their mental problems and drug addictions become physically noticeable (you know, drug addiction, something they can't help). Pedo is a sexuality the way being into scat porn is a sexuality. It's a fetish, you like fucking young looking people. Pedo-Sympathizers never say people into fucking Gereatric looking people is a sexuality, it's a fetish.

List of libermedia Pedos and Sympathizers that are probably Pedos

This is an ongoing and ever growing list, feel free to expand it with facts, pics, and links

Drama on teh internets

About 100 years ago, Dan Rather showed documents about Bush's service during Vietnam. Of course, teh internets swooped in and proved the documents to be false. Rather blamed the Microsoft Paperclip. Of course, this whole situation is considered an old meme since no one really cared in the first place. Citing the liberal media is also a great way to end any argument with a liberal. For example:

Prima: "I don't think things in Iraq are going well because today 45 people were killed."
Secunda: "Well thats nothing but delusional spin from the liberal media. I bet you didn't hear that the side of a house was painted blue in Baghdad! Why do you hate America?"

Entire websites are devoted to this, and usually consist of God fearing American heroes who will stop at nothing to destroy the communist networks. Exposing the fact that Google is liberally biased and exposing the liberal bias of Saturday Night Live are sure ways of inspiring drama in the masses.

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