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Libyan women
Gaddafi, The biggest troll Libya has ever saw
Libyan flag under Gaddafi; a troll's troll
Libya after Gaddafi... Troll's Remorse imminent
An amazing example of Libyan building skills; only rich fucks need apply

Libya, aka the Poland of Africa, is an Arab shit-laden sand hole country located in North Africa in the Middle East. The Greeks decided to colonize it after they found useful points of anchorage and resupply for trading vessels. A countless series of wars undertaken by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Brits, Italians, Germans, and sundry others has accomplished exactly nothing as it remains a hellhole to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, and those with wealth leave or live elsewhere as much as is possible. There is a great deal of oil and therefore wealth to be squeezed out of Libya, hence why anyone not actually living there is even aware that it exists.

This is how Libyans resolve disputes
All hail our new Savior!


The People

Libyans are fucking racists that detest anything lacking affluence. This list, while indicative, is not exhaustive:

And they respect the following because they have moar Jew Gold.

Libyan Civil Wars

  • First Civil War: The First Libyan Civil war was an armed conflict between Gaddafi's personal army, and outside forces seeking to overthrow his government. The war was precipitated by protests in Zawiya on August 8th, 2009 and the whole war was finally ignited by protests in Benghazi on Tuesday, February 11 2011. This lead to local forces to fire on civilians and therefore cause a low-scale genocide within the country. These protests escalated into a full blown rebellion of lulz and drama, with many people seeking to create their own separate groups within Libya. Some of these groups were fighting for Gaddafi, while some of them them were trying to overthrow him. After Gaddafi was finally killed in late 2011, the first civil war ended with a sudden crash, and the second civil war would be soon underway.
  • Second Civil War: After Gaddafi was killed, the people could not decide who would rule, causing a clusterfuck of wars that no one understands. When Al-Qaeda heard of that, they didn't want to miss the chance, so they sent in highly skilled trolls, who kept trolling the people so much that the special forces decided to fight back, at which, they got their ass handed to them so they agreed that Al-Qaeda continue trolling as they please.
  • Third Civil War: When the leader of the special forces, Al-fattah yonis, Was assassinated, General Haftar, Decided to not learn from past mistakes, And declared war on Al-Qaeda, at which they are still fighting to this day, so much for special forces.

Benghazi power/internet crisis

On one fine day, the terrorists and militias decided to troll Benghazi and hit the power line with a rocket,causing Benghazi to have random blackouts many times a day.

And if that isn't enough, internet in Libya is already shit, the fastest internet there is around 2 MB/S and costs like 600$ to install and is limited to 15 gigs a month, the militias decided to troll and used cutting edge technology to slow down the internet to a snail speed, and censor many porn sites (and ED for some reason), again, don't You want to live in that wonderful place?

General Hafter

General Hafter was a war hero from the Arab war with Israel (like 70% of the rest of the army who fought there too) but apparently he thinks this gives him the right to rule over Libya. Which for some reason was rejected by the Libyan people and they told him simpy TITS OR GTFO. Awfully butthurt about that, he decided to delete fucking everything in Benghazi by using random mortar fires everywhere. Making Libya a more wonderful place.

The Jew Conventions drama in Benghazi

When we took the Jews out of Libya, our economy suffered. We should let them back in as brothers and sisters! they are Arabs and Libyans too just like us.


—Jew Sympathizer speech

The Jews. Not content with just stealing the Libyan money, decided to buy Libya with that same stolen money so that they can steal even more. The people's respond? Nothing..

Libya Mortar shot.jpg
Mortar explosion.jpg
Jew Sympathizer! you totally deserve it

How To Troll

  • See the "Islam"page, Most ways there work on them
  • Tell them Libya is originally a part of Italy
  • Tell them they have no history
  • Remind them that they are not originally Libyans, And that the original Libyans were wiped out long ago
  • Tell them their country is war torn and it will never recover
  • Say that Gaddafi was a good ruler
  • Say "Fuck Omar Al-mokhtar", Be sure to be at a safe distance tho
  • Tell them they are not Arabs
  • Remind them they are just a 3rd world country
  • Tell them that Egyptian people are better than them
  • Tell them that even tho they think they are the best, They are the least progressive country in the Arab world
  • Tell somebody that Italy fucked them up in WWII

Ways Related to Gaddafi

  • Wave a green flag
  • Shoot a gun in the air and yell "GADDAFI HU AKBAR!!!!11"
  • Put a gravestone in front of somebodies house that says "R.I.P Gaddafi"
  • Ask if somebody knows where the Gaddafi grave is
  • Make a poll that asks if you think Gaddafi was good or bad, and put 8999 tallies on good
  • Wave 2 green flags
  • Make a love song for Gaddafi
  • Wear a shirt with Gaddafi on it
  • Tell somebody that Gaddafis death was too harsh
  • Gaddafi
  • Make a random dance and yell "DO THE GADDAFI!"
  • Gaddafi
  • Gaddafi
  • Piss on somebody and say that you hate Gaddafi as much as them
  • Gaddafi
  • Wave 3 green flags
  • Gaddafi
  • Gaddafi
  • Do this list over again

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