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LilSoyEvan is a vegan activist with no life. He is known for attempting to persuade people to go vegan on Twitter and becoming extremely upset when they tell him to GTFO. He is the fucking Chris-Chan of veganism [citation needed].

And so it begins...

LilSoyEvan was debating some worthless shit with a furry called Mixy-Blitzy regarding dogs not being allowed to eat a vegan diet.

First, he harrassed another fucking furry called Fenris Loxias when she tweeted "eating animals isn't animal abuse" which made him go ape-shit like a god-damn PETA activist. He then got his whiteknights over to force them to go vegan before another asshole named Roszina Head took over and tried stopping them from acting like full on autists, sadly to no avail.

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