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Anyone up for a round of the crying game?

Lila Perry is actually a tranny.

     Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Because what's on the outside (from the waist up) is all it takes to be a real woman.

Lila Perry (birth name: Noah Perry) is a disgusting, perverted, mentally ill teenaged tranny from Missouri. Perry rose to fame in 2015 after putting on a wig, stuffing some shit down his shirt and saying he is a girl now, and then trying to use his new self-declared gender to get into the girls' bathroom of his high school.

After using a unisex bathroom the previous year, Perry decided it was time to try to both sneak some peeks in the girls' bathroom, and get lots of asspats from Tumblr and various other social media shitholes. Unsurprisingly, the students at the school were having none of it.

Lila Perry

Dat bulge.

Somewhere under the many layers of this monstrosity lies a confused 17-year-old Southern boy. Rather than getting him the psychiatric help he's desperately and publicly crying out for, the SJW crowd is instead coddling him, and catering to his delusion. At age 13, Perry said he started to feel "more like a girl than a boy". Much like every last tranny on the planet, he's a massive attention whore, and it would be a smart guess to assume he just wants sympathy from social media users more than anything else. That, and an ill-advised GoFundMe campaign.


Since Bruce Jenner inexplicably became a media hero for being a man who wears a dress, other degenerates have been looking for their slice of the SJW pie. Feeling emboldened by the media fawning over Jenner, Lila Perry made the decision to step up his demands to be allowed into the girls' restroom at Hillsboro High School, despite clearly being a sad boy in a wig with a penis. Not a good-looking trap either, but more like that tranny character from Gen Zed.

Predictably, the majority of the girls at the school weren't pleased with the idea of sharing a bathroom with... that thing, and staged a large school wide protest. Approximately 150 students of Perry's high school walked out to protest this perv's sick desire to get into the lady's room.


Since the controversy started, Perry has dropped out of her physical education class to avoid using the locker room...She now also tries to avoid using the bathroom at her high school: a difficult task for a teenage girl.


The Washington Post, having clearly lost its ever-loving mind.

As anyone could have guessed, the national media was quick to celebrate Lila Perry's bravery. All articles laughably refer to him as "she" and "her", condemn the students and town for not being more accommodating to the little nutcase faggot, praise Perry and display the usual trite, elitist contempt for normal people common from coastal rags.

Perry later appeared on The View, where interviewers said he looks beautiful.


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