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Liliana Rayne aka Alice Jade (Real name, Alix Long or Alixandria Long) is a wannabe porn star and complete cumslut. Originally leaching off of weeaboos, and basement dwellers by camwhoring for money since she won't get a fucking real job, she has decided she wants to be a cam girl forever because she believes it empowers women and is a form of feminism. But in reality she is just a stupid fucking whore.

Liliana questions if she will ever get a real job and grow the fuck up.
Alex has some pretty crooked chompers.


There are a ton of attention whoring feminazis on the Internet and Liliana Rayne is no exception. Apparently touching your stretched out pussy for money and leaching off of losers is a great way to support female rights, amirite. Also she expects you to get her dildos and clothes as gifts because she can't buy them herself because she's a special snowflake.

Looks up to Miley Cyrus as a role model, because we all know Miley is a great role model.


Recently deleted her entire website, because her dumb bitch ass dumped her fiancé Ian Egan who she fucked on cam for money, while leaching off of his money. And when he couldn't pay to support this slutty loser any longer they broke up, leading her to fail at life since camming doesn't earn you any money when you're autistic and ugly.

Update: Liliana and her boyfriend are back together again how sweet.

Dumb Bitch

She is just a fucking dumbass. She obviously believes her work isn't pornography and if you try convincing her otherwise she will get defensive and delete you off her Facebook. Even though she calls herself a "porn superstar" on her twitter account.

Also got her "stage name" from Liliana of the Dark Realms (the Magic card and Rayne. Wears cosplay wigs and big glasses because she's a nerd because she fucked a nerd. Got it? Pretends to play Magic because her then boyfriend played it. She also specializes in "cosplay modeling", but she isn't a real cosplayer.

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