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LILSHOWSTOPPA (aka yo girl Lil J) is a fugly 12 year-old girl ginger wigger and aspergers youth known best for TELLIN YOU MOTHA FUCKAS OFF on the YouTube. Curiously enough, she never succeeded in telling the mother fuckas off, likely due to epic levels of fail. But what gives the video twice the L-O-L is the fact she basically uploaded the video and never signed back in, so unlike other people who have gotten their 15 minute of youtube fame, she probably has no idea that she is a YouTube celebrity and that her masterpiece video "ME TELLIN YOU MOTHA FUCKAS OFF" has almost five million views, meaning there has been over 4 million lulz at her expense. It should be noted that the LilShowStoppa video is fucking ancient.


The Video That Started It All

The Words of a True Scholar

Hey! What up y'all?

This yo girl Lil J.

And.. dis lil girl right here ain't scared a nobody.

So if you got anythang to say to me you caa say it to mah mutha fuckin face

Or send me a mutha fuu- or hit me up on my mutha fuckin myspace.

I ain't scared, and this lil bitch right here will fuckin kill yo ass NI-GAH

So if you have anythang to saay, you can say it to.. me.

And if you wanna bump let's go, cuz I ain't scared of yo mutha fuckin ass, aight bitch? Latah.

Note: You must recite this masterpiece as if you have a stuffed up nose in order to truly feel the emotion these words invoke.

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