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The Limit Break usually occurs when a grown man gets slapped around by his GF and decides to act, though one can be triggered in other ways.

A woman after causing a Limit Break to occur.

Background History

The video game history surrounding this technique of spousal abuse doesn't matter in the slightest. You're here to learn how to properly retaliate to being slapped by a luke-warm hole, not increase your faggotry beyond its current standards by learning more video game triva. Ass. Move onto the next section if you're signifigant other/hole has pushed you past any reasonable limit of toleration. Get ready, your limit break is about to start.

Additional Vital Information

The limit break has a long and illustrious history; however, records of indivdiual bouts of limit breaking are something few people ever bother to document unless the victim is a famous hole. Suffice it to say, man has been using this wonderful and lulz inducing form of anger release since the days of the cave man. So if you find yourself feeling trollers remorse when the red clears from your line of vision and you see your girl friend lying bloodied and broken on the floor, don't worry. Simply think back to that first cave man who lost control and did what you have just done and feel like a man for the first time in your life. Besides, any whore stupid enough to date you will think getting beaten up is just another way her man shows her how much he loves her vagina and will come crawling back to you in no time

The Act Itself And Its Result

A limit break is not a random act of the universe; it is the culmination of your bitch life and, perhaps, the start of your life as a real man (note: your life as a man might start in prison if you don't have a firm enough hold on your bitch). And it all begins with a slap. Once a bitch has slapped you, two paths allow themselves to be opened. The first, much traveled road is the way of the faggot. This retard will apologize and generally have their balls stepped on by a smug bitch. DON'T DO THAT. Take the second road, enter the beautiful world of manhood. in other words, beat the bitch. Now, the procedure:

The sting from the slap will make your testosterone levels skyrocket as your balls register the affront to your manhood (not that it exists at this point). So don't worry about the quickening of breath, muscle spasms or red that will enter your vision. It's just your balls pumping out the only other fluid they're good for. After this, you will try to stop yourself, to think through the haze. This is key (protip): don't think. No man has use for the word, and that is what you're trying to become, isn't it? So buckle down, rear back, and let fly the fist Righteous rightness. But don't stop there. Give her a kick, a poke in the eye, a quick shovel smack. When you're fists become tired and your feet ache because of her ribs be glad.

You are now a man.

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