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Please note that if you still play this game after the fad ended in December 2007, you may be declared criminally insane. Now that the game is no longer contemporary, we can all look back and see how shit it actually was.
State of the art

Linerider is an online web game that lets you draw a line and then watch a guy on a sled ride the line to his death. This may seem lulzy at first, but play the game and you'll discover that in reality it's actually very, very gay. While at first it required actual time and effort to create a nice track, now every loser on the internet can create one. Now tracks are only considered good if you've spend at least 100 hours trying to decorate your shitty track with useless lines to make it seem less shitty. For some reason it became so popular that it was created into an actual game for the console with 100% more fail and so many easy to put decorations you can't even see the fucking line he's riding on anymore. Of course it makes perfect sense to buy a game you can just play online for free.

Some examples

This is what you want your track to look like, just give it up now, it will never happen, no, SRSLY
This is what your track will probably look like

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