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Linode is a hosting company which does virtual hosting. In layman's terms, one can buy a node and host their webcontent there, thus enabling them to have root on a server, but still have resources allocated to other users doing the same thing. It takes an entire server and splits it up into several mini-servers for use by many people. This gives the ability to use root without paying the price of a dedicated server.

The encyclopediadramatica,, ljdrama and many other websites dedicated to the lulz were housed at linode for about a month. After a few weeks, traffic became so incredibly high that the load could not be sustained and the linode repeatedly crashed, taking the entire server with it. The linode management were none too pleased and asked the administrators to purchase dedicated hosting.

As linode were so difficult to deal with, the above administrators recommend dreamhost as the hosting company of choice. Dreamhost was made famous by amalea's whiny complaining and childish behavior on their forums.

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