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A screencap of the beginning of the Lionsgate Troll of 2006, showing the stupid and unwarranted self importance in all its faggotry
Moar faggotry, stupidity and unwarranted self importance

The Lionsgate Troll of 2006 occurred in early December 2006, when Hrodulf, a turd-sucking douchebag with no decency, butthurt concerning the Lionsgate Saw III forum censoring the word "racism," and the stupidity of the ignorant sawfags that infested the forum, decided to try to own the forum, film company, and sawfags in one fell swoop. Unbeknownst to him, his silly attempt at trolling was soon forgotten and he didn't end up owning anything. Here it is for your amusement at his retarded butthurt antics. Oh, and one more thing. If he couldn't get any more retarded, he has an uncyclopedia account. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TRANSCRIPT WITH COMMENTARY, IF YOU WANT IT WITHOUT COMMENTARY, CLICK THE SCREENCAPS ON THIS PAGE, THEY HAVE MOST BUT NOT ALL OF IT



Selected Hrodulf quotations:

Hello, my friends in Saw. It's your friend, Hrodulf, (a.k.a., Real Life Jigsaw), here to rap at you about your favorite movies for a little bit. You know which ones I mean.


—Here you see the sad wannabe troll's first mistake, assuming the persona of the movie he is mocking. Good going faggot

If you respond to me, and I think it's stupid (which it probably will be, but no offense, have you guys been reading the garbage you've been posting in here lately?) I'll print your idiotic (offensive excretory reference deleted), laugh at your stupidity, grammar and spelling, (offensive urination reference deleted) and (offensive excretory reference deleted) on it, photograph it, and e-mail the picture to you. If you respond, better give me an e-mail address or some other way to get it to you. Otherwise my trap will be even worse. I'll upload it somewhere else and put the link in the forum, so everyone can laugh at what I did to you.


—Hrodulf, documented piss and shit fetishist

Let the game begin! Your best friend in Saw, Hrodulf (a.k.a., Real Life Jigsaw)


—What a horrible faggot. This is the faggiest thing I have ever seen anyone say on the internet

Have fun playing my games! You're very good test subjects and I played the both of you like nintendo 64.


—NINTENDO 64? I bet you unlocked every level of Mario64, in between masturbation sessions to Playgirl. FAGGOT

Whatever happens I win.



Skylar, you don't leave, and Lionsgate, you don't deletexor any of my posts or ban me. You know why. The game will never end, there's no time limit, so effectively, I will be a god here and more powerful than the mods. As I always was, really.



It's sort of funny how you brought this all on yourself. I'd say Pwned again, but I'm sick of saying that. It's really stupid. Even when it's true.


—How did they bring this upon themselves? Jesus you are really just fucking Ed Gein level crazy

Hrodulf gets owned

Needless to say, Hrodulf's reign as Saw III Forum God was short lived as he was quickly owned by the nearest adult in the vicinity of a computer:

Are you still trying to run this place like your personal playground? It appears so. Now, let us stop to think about this for a moment . . . For what you say are no consequences, what about those upon yourself? What might they be...


—Bonez, on Hrodulf

One . . . has taken the movies a little too seriously and believes he is a true Jigsaw. For those that don't know, he is a incompatible failure at life . . . I'm sure he wasted away half if not most of his free time playing Dungeons & Dragons.


—Bonez, on Hrodulf

Why is it you will reply to everyone who decides to mock you for some reason . . . you try to bare a false representation of something you are not and will never become. . . Is it because I hold truth to what I say . . . that I actually speak in legitimate statements and make more sense with my comments about your crimes. Crimes that you actually commit against yourself and others, but do not dare point them out for it will show what a true coward you are. . . You have chosen a life of lies, anguish and deceit. . . have you served your punishment? . . . so tell me why is it to avoid me so? P.S. How does it feel to be on the receiving end?


—Bonez, on Hrodulf


Hrodulf, believing himself a genius, is in fact a moron. Having nothing better to do with his life than play fantasy mind games on the internet, he deliberately set out to, and succeeded in for a few hours, partially disrupting an internet discussion forum for a motion picture released by a major distributor, solely because, like a little child who has disturbed an anthill, he was an immature attention whore who wanted to feel powerful by being a dick. Little did he know that instead of getting angry, the people he trolled instead considered him to be insane, and the company he thought he "pwned" to this day does not even know about this incident, aside from the moderator who had to clean up after this psychopath's mess. Great "pwnage" Hrodulf. Better luck next time, bitch.

Gallery of Self Ownage

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