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Melissa's current DA avatar. Note the display of humbleness in the text.
Lissachoa compares Mormons to Jews and thus raises suspicion that Mormons also did 9/11.

Lissachoa is a borderline-retarded DeviantART from the land of Utah, a teenmommy, an attention whore, and such a massive egoist it's not even funny. She is also a wonderful artist who spends her e-days gloating about how amazing she is and her IRL-days being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, as those are what her Mormon beliefs dictate. She also is extremely butthurt at the original creator of this article for merely pointing out the obvious.


Melissa spends much of her time on the internet, as her IRL life is too depressing to handle due to a shit husband who doesn't love her and an OOPSIE!Pregnancy when she was 19 - she, of course, lets her huge idiotic fanbase know how hard her life is through her journal entries. As a result, the tubes are filled with her shitty overly romantic fanarts that completely rapes her Fandom of the Day. Her main squeeze, however, has always been James Sunderland from the videogame Silent Hill 2. James has and forever will be her "One True Love", despite the fact that the character murdered his wife.


Self insertion + idiot character + already fail style = Epic fail

Melissa is an absolute master at:

1) not improving her own personal style at all the entire time she's been on DA;

2) copying/ripping off other artists' styles, regardless of their skill or lack thereof. This is mainly done to boost her own pageviews, as she typically chooses styles from either cartoons that were popular back in the 90's or well known internet people;

3) Mary-Sueing herself into her favorite fandoms;

4) draw said Mary-Sue getting ready to be boned by every halfway attractive fictional male character under the sun, because even the mere thought of letting her ugly-ass husband stick it in causes her to dry heave.

Emo Bullshit

She also puts out very deep, expressive works from time to time depending on her overall mood and how many pageviews she's gotten in the past week, but god forbid you even so much as hint that she's emo and/or that she should get some sort of professional help in order to help her pull herself out of her garbage hick lifestyle, because she will have a public shitfit in ten thousand journals and deviations in which she uploads and deletes incriminating shit over and over again in her attempt to MAKE YOU FEEL BAD FOR TRYING TO HELP HER, YOU OPPRESSOR.



Notice how Lissa mentions her blatant sue-ing herself with her favourite characters without shame. I guess even her husband is starting to forget she exists.

As if drawing increasingly less creative shit art wasn't enough, Lissachoa has now invaded the realm of writing. She posts her bouts of creative prose on the most famous site of well-written fanfiction ever, seeming to have made it her life's misson to inform the world of how wonderful child molesters are. She also frequently uses Japanglish in her writing. This officially makes Lissachoa a weeaboo. =^_^= How kawaii. Her intelligent fanbase seems to have followed her to this corner of the interwebs and continues to inflate her overabundant ego to even more massive proportions. It's getting bigger than Branca's!

Finally one of her fans told Lissachoa how shitty that story was (others were too busy fapping I guess). ONLY THEN Lissa realized it. Which means that if we want her to believe she's a fucktard, we got to be her fans.

And now Lissa is trying her best to... learn Japanese. As we all know, hentai comes from Japan. And Japanese certainly have some mind to make sites about MurdocxNoodle slash.


I like james....alot, he made me horny one time while I was playing SH2...I think my most favoret Is nippel's


—Lissachoa, getting turned on by a murderer and spelling wonderfully.

My mind is so blank right now...except the thoughts of Murdoc...and Harry...and stuff...I guess I should give you all an update on my life.........*passes out* I'm so sleepyright now, and in pain....I'm really hateing this, I feel so useless and annoying. everyone else don't thikn so but I'm just parinoide.


—Lissachoa, being "parinoide".

see's like no one belives in forgivness anymore, then again I guess I should have handled the situation better but after all the years of name calling and fauls Judgment I didn't want to put up with it any more. that's why I basicelly snaped.


—Lissachoa, Severus Snapeing.

Haha, that's right, today is my 24th birthday, RUN FOR IT!!! or hide in a cake or something, make somethng up to tell your friends so I can hunt you down and beat you up, boy, it will be a great night I can see it now, people getting drunk off of "Viagra Water" (c) and running around naked in the street, keep getting ran over by cars and puppys, loud music, stalkers, hobos, midnight bomber who bombs at midnight, Ninja and Samuri fights, Satan will be there, he's the midget in the white suite btw...Jesus will be there to kick evreyones ass in HALO 3, OH! Mster chef will be there too with his salad shooter XD, PH will be the prostatute for the night if anyone wants more then cheetos and spiked punch, Choapuppet will escort anyone who is actiong up by eathing them after violently rapping your bums, aaaannnnnddddd the MUFFIN MAN will be there, alos fun games like pin the mallet on 2D, Murdoc and Harry will be stipping around midnight to get things really going and then at the end cybil and her cop buddys will show up and arrest everyone!! party. ever. *_*


—Yours truly, I don't even know what the fuck is going on here.

yeah, you heard me right, there are all thses great MxN sites but they are all in japenes so I have no clue what's going on.

do any of you know where I can study this that wont cost me a penny? please help ;_;


—Lissa, you can't even spell right.

she couldn’t hold herself any longer, reaching her peek as a flush of total ecstasy overwhelmed her, letting out a cry she felt her insides just burst, feeling her juices seep out of her as she tightly closes her eyes, organizing slow and hard all over his erection and the bed sheets.


—Lissachoa, being an emo whiney bitch

I can tell you up front, I lust For Murdoc XD...YES!!! *lights a smake* ahhh, best sex evah! XD


—Lissachoa, attempting to live out her pedophile fantasies by living vicariously through Noodle in her fanarts, as well as enjoying a nice aftersex "smake".


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