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Literature is serious business.

Literature, from the ancient Latin littera meaning: "Great. Now we have a way to keep accurate tax records." While literature can technically be used to denote any written work, prose, poetry, or shit band lyrics, it usually refers to writing of lasting quality that holds artistic merit. This excludes any string of words you will encounter scrawled on the internet, save for scraps of Shakespeare and Sylvia Plath that goths and 16-year-old girls have pasted in their cutting journals.

Critiquing Literary Critiques

"'You can't write literature,' Tiddle said.
'You don't know literature.'
Something clicked. 'You know,' I said, 'you may be right.'
But Tiddle was rolling. 'So I flame morons like you who would dumb us down.'"
--Publish or Perish

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