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Philip likes to try to use Anonymous to build his personal army.
Amanda is the one on the left.

Lithium Picnic, aka Philip Warner, is a photographer by trade. He has gained notoriety in recent years for taking tasteful, erotic n00ds of his ex-wife "Apnea", aka Amanda, and other scenewhores.

Like any serious artist, he has a cult following on DevianTART as well as in the goth and alternative subcultures. He is regarded as some sort of alt-porn god, and if you say anything bad or produce a piece of work that has any resemblance to his work his minions will swarm you and cause mass amounts of rape to your ass.

He has a wannabe rock-star attitude and will snub anyone who isn't fetish or scenewhore elite because he thinks he is above you when, really, he's a whiny little bitch who feels the need to air out all of his drama on the internet and to his models. If you shoot with him and aren't fetish/ scene elite, you probably won't get your pictures and even if you do, it will be the most wanktastic edit you have ever seen. He makes money off of the girls he shoots when they don't see a dime, or they see only a minor fraction of what he makes. Shooting with this goof will not make you famous or awesome, it will only make you spread your legs. Remember, "tasteful" n00dz.

He also doesn't make his living in photography, but real estate. He makes more than enough money to pay for his own lawsuit yet is always hitting his fans up for money.

He likes to pretend to be a [[/b/tard and IRL troll, but he fails miserably. This is because he is a spoiled rich boy who knows not what life is like outside of his dog curtains.


Pink is for lulzy foreshadowing, and green is for lies. SAUCE

What brought the name "Lithium Picnic" unto the lips of many aspiring models and artists is the big fucking lawsuit filled against Phillip by the Suicide Girls corporation.

It all started when SG started making lulz worthy demands of their staff and models, such as saying that they could only model for them and no one else. Since a large amount of their models had been in porn, and staying with ONE company would keep them from making ends meet they said STFU and left. One of these models was Amanda, and she took her husband, SG staff photographer alias "Lithium Picnic", with her.

Or so the story goes.

What really happened was Amanda breached her contract intentionally by shooting for another website (that was NOT her solo site--but since said site does feature other models, SG was pissed about that too) and they kicked her to the curb. Philip, despite this, stayed with the corporation. That is, until they felt that he was getting too big for his britches, when he too intentionally breached the straight-jacket of a contract Suicide Girls put forth.

Philip and Apnea may have been surprised that SG got upset about her solo girl site, but Philip had to know that his announced multi-girl site was going to antagonize SG, and he announced it, not only before his non compete (agreement) ran out, but before he had even quit.


—Amelia G

This pissed Suicide Girls right the fuck off. As they say, the rest is history. They slapped Philip with a lawsuit. This caused a mass eruption in the alt-porn community. Outraged models and photographers flocked to support this couple in their struggle and their journey for justice.


It has become announced that Suicide Girls are no longer suing Phillip and "Apnea".

Dear Community,

We have some news about our fight with SuicideGirls. We all sat down together and worked out an agreement that is really fair to everyone. We are especially relieved that we can now send people back to to see all of our early work together without feeling dirty. :)

We are so glad to have this whole thing behind us. Good Luck to SuicideGirls in the future and look out for their new book coming out this fall that features some great classic Lithium Picnic photography. We're really glad to end all the bad blood between us so we can all start concentrating on creating great art instead of fighting over it.

Thanks to everyone that helped and supported, I think we've all learned from this experience and hope never to have to go through anything like it again.

We want to make it clear that we 100% have no hostilities towards SuicideGirls in anyway anymore, we all came to a really fair agreement over this dispute, and there were no bad people here, just mistakes and misunderstandings. If you've boycotted SG on our behalf, you helped us come to this agreement, so thank you but the battle is over, and we're all friends again.

To help offset our legal expenses, when you sign up with SuicideGirls, please use this affiliate code so that we can use the money to pay off our lawyers and focus on Apnea's modeling and my photography!


Lithium Picnic and Apnea



Commence alt-porn fandom brick shitting in 3... 2... 1...

Fall Out

It looks like Philip is in for a bumpy ride with the alt-porn community, most notably, the bitches over at sgirls and on DevianTART.

Dn 01.jpg

Many models bitches have been fired from the Suicide Girls website for saying that they supported Philip in the companies lawsuit against him. Countless members have been zotted for the same. Now that Philip and Amanda are happily supporting the company that assraped them and their fans, a great number of people are pissed right the fuck off and demand satisfaction.

The problem with his fans though is that when they call him out and he actually responds they devolve into whimpering puddles of puke. Instead of saying something like "BETTER DEAD THAN RED", they profusely apologize and tell him what a wonderful person he is.

The site ISupportLithiumPicnic is officially dead in the face of this "turn around" in the lawsuit. Not because the legal bullshit is over, but because Philip is a sellout douche.

A totally valid point ripped apart by LP fantards.

There are still rabid fantards who insist that Philip and Amanda are still heros and on plugging their ears. Out of the whole thing this group is by far the easiest to troll. Easier than the rabid haters and Suicide Girls itself combined. Maybe it's because they think Philip is the second coming of Christ, maybe it's because they think that if they kiss his ass enough he'll take pretty pictures of them making them OMG s0 fam0us!!1! Who knows.

There were debates going on at Model Mayhem [1], [2], but the admins quickly cut that shit. Probably because Josie Nutter wants to suck his cock.

The Break Up

Philip and Amanda were an alt-porn Gothic power couple-- that is, until last Thursday. Rumors are flying about Amanda cheating on Philip with Raquel Reed's boyfriend (sauce, the thread is made of lulz), and Philip cheating on Amanda with Sean Suhl. As of yet anything but lulz has yet to be confirmed via internet source but some of it can be confirmed through word of mouth (as in, came straight from the horse's mouth), such as the part about Amanda sending her panties to Raquel Reed's boyfriend. He was kind enough to send them back to her with cum stains on it. Nice, huh?

In the mean time, fangirls and boys are slitting their wrists over the breakup.

i can't believe that. no, i can't. :(

LP and apnea have always been a great ideal to me. their relationship seemed so perfect to me, what a big thing must have happened, that the two ppl i NEVER expected to break away.. they were (are?!) even married, right?



Nevermind that LP is a major control freak and was supposedly hacking Amanda's e-mails, while fueling the dramallama by texting and gossiping with Raquel. Raquel's boyfriend was also having sex with Apnea wannabe, Mosh, at the time.

War on Blue Blood

Philip has noticed that Amelia G is a bigger drama douche than he is, and is trying to turn their difference of opinions into an all out fag fest. Trolls are commencing sitting back and fapping as these two self-important whores try to out snark each other. Amelia G sounds less like a butthurt pansy than Philip, but Philip is legion.

Philip is rallying his troops here... Notice how he doesn't prove sauce for any of his statements and accusations.

Philip and his supporters and whores are trying to turn Amelia G into a scape goat for Philip's faggotry and turning a blind eye to the truth of him being a slimeball. When ever anyone tries to bring up that she's riding the drama lama, bring up how Philip is fucking it in the ass.

Zivity and Philip

Zivity is a pin-up site that has recieved $7 million and counting from contributors and benefactors. They claim that they will be in private beta mode until sometime in 2009. But even though they haven't proven themselves as any sort of staple or provided any fresh content or ideas to the Alt-Porn genre, they are still willing to take nearly $1,000 of your hard earned jew gold so Philip can teach you how to use lens flare in Photoshop.

This site is apparently friends with Suicide Girls as Missy Suicide is one of their photographers. Which makes their flamboyant relationship with Philip even moar awkward, for the both of them.

Anti-SG Articles Featuring Amanda and Philip

Even though old (for the most part, some new lulz are in here too), I wonder if these breach the "agreement"?

  • did an article mentioning the details of their lawsuit
  • Coverage by AVN
  • FreeLithiumPicnic is actually kind of lulz-worthy considering the truth about Philip's faggotry is now out.

Anti-LP articles

  • Alt Porn doesn't hold back in their opinion on the matter. Even though he struck back at Blue Blood, Philip has yet to stike back at Alt Porn. Probably because he realizes that if he kisses their ass and only replies with sockpuppets, they might whore his work again in the future.
  • Blue Blood takes on the "settlement" with conspiracy theories and lulz. If you only read one of the articles, read this one. Amelia G is busting Philip's nuts harder than a whore in need of crack money. Lithium Picnic Whore Nanachan is currently keeping the comments section busy by skirting the fact that Philip is a lying douche nozel and demanding that everyone omg give him a break!!1!1

How many people were kicked off SG and banned for life for sticking up for his cause? Now he gets to be friendly with them again and tell people to join SG like nothing happened? That IS shocking and disappointing, with or without Blue Blood’s analysis. We read the comments on the Blue Blood article and they invited Philip to clarify, but he just called names and let you talk for him. He put himself in this public view, he should talk his way out, but so far he’s not doing a very convincing job.



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