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Little Fatty

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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Yeah, we get the fucking picture.

Little Fatty is a Web 1.0 meme developed at least 100 years ago by people who nobody cares about. Basically, it involves an azn boy from China, who is kinda overweight, who had his face shooped onto tons of stuff. He was actually 19 at the time of the picture and was employed as a petrol station attendant.

Although he suffered butthurt over the picture and the meme at first, he has now embraced it with open arms, and became an Internet celebrity in China, but still, nobody gives a fuck. He has the following to say for himself:

Now my feeling has changed. If you always feel depressed, then you feel uncomfortable. Now I can view this event with a calm mind, and I feel released.


—Little Fatty

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Little Fatty is related to a series on AZNS.

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