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The creator of Liveleak; ex-ogrish owner and internet philanthropist Hayden Hewitt.
The KGB about to break down the door of a mentally retarded Russian pedophile.
That shit can get you done for incitement to racial hatred, mah boi.

LiveLeak is a hybrid of YouTube and Wikileaks that is popular for videos found to be too hardcore for the likes of YouTube and Dailymotion. Despite this, you won't find any pr0n on LiveLeak. Instead, what you will find is a ton of lulzy content related to IRL drama of various kinds such as violence, crime and war. It's not a shock site but instead is often seen as a moralfag site where people try to promote their political views about whatever bullshit cause they believe in, being the internet vigilantes that they are. However it's owned by the same company as the Ogrish shock site. If LiveLeak did have porn, it'd probably be "extreme pornography" to keep up with the violent theme, and the Internet Watch Foundation would probably be on their asses by now.

TOW says that even a New World Order puppet like Tony Blair mentioned LiveLeak at a political conference. This just shows how the old media is dying and spawning a new generation of awareness of the chaos that is going on around us. The comments on LiveLeak, which are even less censored than those on YouTube, often show right-wing 'extremism', 'racism' and 'white nationalism' of the sort found on Stormfront, but they are are also many people there involved in things like the Nation of Islam and al-Qaeda making lulzy comments as well.

By and large, though, LiveLeak remains just like some crappy, cheap late night television programme like America's Dumbest Criminals or Police Camera Action featuring CCTV footage of criminals who later meet their justice at the hands of the law, all the while interspersed with people like Chris-chan, the Dominos retards and people doing stupid things like killing themselves or destroying objects. It is therefore likely to be a favourite site of your average 13-year-old boy as a result.

Content of LiveLeak

DAT ASS... baby got a muffin top [1]

The People of Liveleak

There is another category of people on the site believed to be cancer free and wise lurkers. These Liveleakers will stay silent for years before producing a semi-decent OC video. Sadly to this day this category has never stepped forward as they likely do not exist.

Similar sites

Cool story sis, you're just about to get fired from ya job!!!!!!! [2]

If YouTube and Dailymotion are the mainstream (with the fish! Get it?), then the similar sites to LiveLeak can be found on blogs like the Brussels Journal and some chick with a fetish for Medvedev, continuing the Russian theme, with RuTube.Ru's video of a white French kid getting beaten up on a bus by two nigra males. He later apologised for his white guilt, liberal guilt and political correctness, forgiving his attackers because he is a pussy.

The pr0n version of LiveLeak is efukt, a shit site bearing a slight resemblance to

Things that are too disturbing for LiveLeak

Actually, disregard that! [14]

Proof that LiveLeak videos are watched by sick fucks

Watch them gloat over the an heroism of a poor girl from Argentina who decides to stand in front of an oncoming train with her arms outstretched like Jesus: Make sure you read the old comments for extra lulz.

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