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The body organ second most abused by bloggers and journalists. (See also cock.) Liver is the preferred dish of Hannibal Lecter; he likes his with fava beans and a nice Chianti. Please take note that liver spots are not actually caused from the liver before or after eating.

Pools is closed due to Cirrhosis

Threatening to eat someone's liver during a flame war will almost always pwn your opponents and will sometimes result in visits from the FBI. Note that threatening to eat their spleen, eyeballs, or gall bladder can be equally effective.

NB: In England, there is a place called Liverpool, because it has a large pool filled with floating livers. Members of The Beatles were spawned there, otherwise it is only famous for its outstanding fried onions. The Liver is also the Moroccan embodiment of love, as opposed to the heart. Don't worry, as they're expected to get another locust swarm in the near future.

Liver Violence OL

    • "'Don't make me hit you again. If you ask a fucking question about shit we already covered while you were 'multi-tasking,' I swear that I will take out my pocketknife and disembowel you right here in this room and I will eat your liver raw.'"
Hannibal, Fava Beans, Liver and a Nice Chianti
    • "All this junk is copyright and if you steal it I'll eat your liver. There, that should be enough scaryface, right?"
    • "Woah-ho-fuckin-ho, I think to myself. Don't get in MY war, you shopaholic Maybelline bitch. She turns to look at me and I give her a look that's like 'Dear worm-eating scuzz-repository: don't get in MY war or I'll eat your liver with some fucking fava beans.'"
    • "I'll eat your liver with some chiante and a bowl of frozen grapes, and then for dessert, your toes in a warm plum sauce, baby."
    • "And don't add me if you know you suck, because I'll eat your liver and snack on your uncles. Mmmm.uncles."

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