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Living the dream nonstop.

Not to be confused with the gay Jonas Brothers series with the same name.

Living The Dream is another *chan-driven expression, used primarily to symbolize someone (or something) attaining an achievement or status millions of lonely anons strive for (usually failing in the process).

PROTIP: ED is always living the dream. You however never will.


Originally the name of a 2006 movie nobody even heard of, the expression is now used with lots of screenshots from anime containing instances of epic win (usually involving slapping a bitch back to the kitchen), abridged into 3 or 4 panels with the last containing the protagonist not giving a fuck, and the phrase shooped below them. Alternate usage involves simply posting the phrase alongside the image containing said win. An abundance of accurate examples for this exist in the 2007/2009 anime Darker Than Black, with the badass protagonist slapping every female unit approaching him for assistance.


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