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Would YOU hit this?

Liz Bateman (not real name) first started her career in internet trolling on Usenet, picking alt.abuse.recovery as her main stomping grounds. She graduated to trolling diaries, chat rooms & forums, attacking those she sees as either an easy target, a threat to her internet omnipotence, or just someone who would be fun to threaten.

The Many Faces of Liz Bateman

Liz Bateman was known under a series of other names from 1998 - 2005. These included:

  • Yada Blah - this described the interest factor in her "writing"
  • Welsh Wop - claimed for a while to be half-Welsh, half-Italian
  • PsychoBabbles - yeah, TOTALLY psycho
  • Wellesley - alter ego on an old Geoshitties site

She also called herself Nemesis and a series of names of goddesses. The bitch obviously had ideas above her station.

alt.abuse.recovery History

Liz took credit for encouraging the suicide of a troubled young man named Andy Efremov, and alluded to several others whom she had "counselled" towards taking their own lives. She also openly urged fragile abuse survivors to take their own lives on the newsgroup itself. There are several others she attacked and bullied to such an extent that they stopped using the group altogether. She also made varied and continuing claims that she suffered various types of abuse as a child.

Liz Bateman - Felony Stalker

Not the one she stalked.

She was convicted several years ago of felony stalking of her first husband. She claims she made a guilty plea in order to avoid a jail sentence. The stalking charge involved, among other things, calling her ex too many times to mention, which she then claimed was the other way round, with HIM stalking HER. If he was the stalker, why'd she cop the plea? If, as she claimed, there was evidence that she was, herelf, being targeted, why did he not take action to ensure that he was convicted? She admitted to the stalking several times on alt.abuse.recovery before changing her tune and turning herself into the victim. Liz Bateman has to paint herself as the victim to prevent others seeing what a nasty cunt she really is. Looking at all this, it's a miracle she snagged herself a second husband at all, much less one who is prepared to put up with her cyber-whoring, stalking, neuroses and serious emotional deficiencies. It has been wondered whether he is at all aware of the online activities that have made her an internet train-wreck.

The Infamous UseNet Scam

Liz Bateman - SMOKIN' hot!

She is also a prime example of internet poor. One of her most famous ruses was when she spammed Usenet in an awesom display of internet panhandling for donations of money or medicines, allegedly for her sick daughter. This resulted in widespread outrage, not just from Usenet posters. In fact, the links and posts she made to the newsgroups were shared online, and universally reviled as irresponsible, reprehensible, and nothing but a ploy to get attention and make some money into the bargain. Then she backtracked, saying she had the prescriptions, but couldn't afford to get them filled. Stupid bitch conveniently forgot that she had also been asking for drugs for "her daughter" as well, without specifiying the strength. Was this an attempt to get her daughter stoned? Or to get herself some recreational meds?

Cyber Whore

Her favorite pastime, when not trolling websites, was to cyberfuck as many men (and, occasionally women) as would have her, regularly sending out naked pictures of herself. A total whore, she threw a hissy fit when one of her fuckbuddies leaked some of the pictures. Some also claim to have evidence that the old slut whored herself out on Sunset Boulevard more than once.

Cyberstalking Files

Her most long running "feud" is with several members of BitchFest, one of the forums that called her out on her irresponsible parenting. She has actively stalked at least 5 members of this forum, accusing, them of pedophilia, child abuse, theft, incest and various other crimes. She constantly spammed the forum under a variety of usernames and proxies, and then began to spam the comments and guestbooks of the personal blogs of her chosen targets. The situation for one of her selected victims was so extreme that the victim contacted the police, after Liz Bateman's ISP took no action, despite there being overwhelming evidence that she was abusing their services. It may be unrelated that she disappeared from the internet for several months right after this.

Trips To The Nuthouse

Liz has been committed to institutions several times, at least once by her own husband against her will. She refuses to work, and, as a result, her husband is rumored to work two jobs to fund an increasingly lavish lifestyle. No-one understands why her husband is still with her, especially as she has admitted to suffering from a range of genital diseases, including genital warts.


There are approximately 40 or so newsgroups dedicated to her, which have been around since the mid to late 90s, including alt.asshole.liz-bateman.would-not-fuck-her.with-your-dick.and-paid-big-money and alt.asshole.liz-bateman.bitch. These are, unfortunately, unused.

Liz Now

Her online activities at the moment appear to be limited to posting to a few forums which tolerate her personal attacks on members of other forums. She no longer appears to keep a regular, publicised blog. Her latest attention-seeking comes through a forum she helped set up to actively stalk a few people, both on the internet and in real life. However, last time she did this, she got seriously pwned.

Not forgetting the seriously fucked up site Toasted. . This fine asylum was created by her in an attempt to mess with the heads of her many detractors and includes such notable fuckwits as Claire in the admin. This site seriously needs DDoSing and nothing of value will be lost.

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