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Looks like Liz's family (John E. Hawryluk, Terry Hawryluk, and Kathleen Hawryluk) have no problem with Liz's being a cunt.

Liz Hawryluk (aka Liz Burch) is a feminazi that is asking for a good hatefucking. In April 2014, Liz Hawryluk tried to squash free speech by imposing her moronic values on innocent pub goers at the UNC-based bar, Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub. However, justice prevailed when Hawryluk's actions became public, resulting in a butthurt Liz.

Elizabeth Hawryluk tries to squash free speech

It all started on April 5, when Hawryluk was at Fitzgerald's Pub and heard a song she didn't like: Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. A normal person would have let it pass or if needed go outside for a breather. But not Liz Hawryluk! No, she decided that if she didn't like the song, then nobody should be listening to it!

So Liz hauled her ass to the DJ, and demanded that he nix the song. "It's about culture!" whined the speech-hating Liz. In response, the DJ bro did the right thing and called her stupid. After that, a bouncer took over, telling the bitch and her lesbian scissor-sisters that it was time to leave the bar.

Now, a normal person might have seen the error of their ways -- that it's stupid to impose your idiotic values on a roomful of peeps having fun. But not the Elizabeth Hawryluk. No, she called the waaaambulance and enlisted a bevy of skanks and whiteknights to attack the bar's Facebook page.

The bar, deciding they wanted to stop the harassment, issued an apology:

Dear Liz Hawryluk: We apologize that you are a sniveling, hateful, stupid, killjoy cunt.


Fb-favicon.png Fitzgerald's Chapel Hill

Victory! Liz Hawryluk even got a mention in the Daily TarHeel!

Unfortunately for Hawryluk (and her cluster of freedom-hating skanks), her victory-lap was cut short when her actions came to light on various bro-discussion boards: Barstool Sports, AutoAdmit, AnonBoard, and Xerqio. And then the assfucking of Hawryluk (and the lulz) began in earnest...


Shortly after Hawryluk's cuntiness was aired on Barstool Sports, free speech defenders quickly let Liz-Liz know how stupid she was on her Twitter...


The backlash was so intense that cowardly Hawryluk quickly deleted her twitter. (So far, though, her Facebook is still open for bidness, wink-wink...)

Of course, being a cunt, Liz Hawryluk decided to persist in her attack on free-speech, calling the waaaambulance again, putting out another "open letter" to the Fitzgerald's Irish Pub on bitchrag

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