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Bootleg Nigra-Lobo.

Lobo is a DC Comics character who constantly prostitutes himself to the reader through the utilisation of 'dark' humor.

The DC Comics version of Wolverine, Lobo is a space-pirate and bounty-hunter who'll do anything violent for $$$. Every character to ever go up against Lobo has been pwned in some way or another. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Lobo's Hit-List

  • His 4th-grade teacher Mrs. Tribb
  • Santa Claus
  • The Easter-bunny
  • Superman
  • Etrigan the Demon
  • The DC Universe
  • Batman
  • Gawd
  • No-mark 'also ran' heroes including; Goldstar, Ernie & General Glory
  • His pet dog, 'Dawg'
  • Captain Marvel
  • His thousands of illegitimate children; especially eleven year-old Bobo, who won't let Lobo's cock inside his rectum.

Frigid little cunt...


—Lobo on his son, Bobo

Lobo is by his own admission an "out and proud" homosexual who enjoys nothing more than sweaty, drug-fuelled, liasons with his editor, his photographers or any of his arch-enemies, as and when he encounters them. Usually this is just before the maiming starts. Lobo has an enormous hook, a rusty chain and a fantastically thick genetically-augmented nigger-cock. Lobo advocates smoking, drinking and sexually-orientated violence towards women and children... especially if they're your own and you know you can probably stop them blabbing to the authorities.


The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

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