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The doctor'll see you now.
The wise man who crafted this method.
A helpful illustration showimg how the knife is inserted through your nose.

Lobotomy, (known also as Lolcotomy, or Lolkotomy), is a lulzy and cost-effective medical procedure developped by philanthropist Antonio Moniz, in which a blade would be inserted into the patient's nose in order to delicately scrape the diseased frontal lobes, instantly curing him or her from cruel mental sufferings. In more civilized times, before feminism, Israel and the Queer transformation of the Western world, the process was carried out on all those deemed incapable of living in society (autistics, schizophrenics, homosexuals) or susceptible of actively disturbing the public peace (niggers, the Irish and most Russians). Unfortunately, due to the ignorant ancestors of SJWs baawwwing in the distant past, this humane treatment was abandoned and is now thought of as "barbaric". Today, the Huge multinational pharmaceutical corporations sell ineffective mind-altering drugs to the same categories of individuals and rake in enournous profits in the process.

How it was carried out in the old days. Notice that they actually stick a needle in your eye, and continuously jab it with tweezers.


Many self-proclaimed "human rights activists" throughout the world have claimed that this procedure is inhumane and barbaric. This is patently false: these critics have no medical backround and are most likely echoing scientology anti-psychiatry propaganda. Lobotomy is a perfectly safe medical procedure and brings relief to those who suffer from mental angst and peace to those around them. A new source of information and a newly-minted medical historian contend that the delicate procedure only helped roughly 10 percent of the estimated 100,000 Americans who underwent the procedure between the mid-1930s and the 1970s. Misled by this foolish propaganda, some of the relatives of lobotomy patients are asking that the Nobel Prize given to its inventor in 1949 be revoked. One does not simply revoke the Nobel Prize of a Medical Genius because a few insignificant people are grumpy, however.

Known side effects

  • Death, the ultimate desired outcome of the procedure.
  • Brain Death, another desired outcome. You're still alive, but you're a (happy) vegetable.


A quality documentary detailing the procedure:

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