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If you thought the Clock Crew was bad, then you should examine their "retarded little brother." The Lock Legion was made back last thursday by StrawberryLock, a guy who thought he could initiate lulz by copying what StrawberryClock did with B. He made N and submitted it to the Newgrounds portal. His submission was blammed. This caused him to cry all night to his butt buddy, BananaLock. BananaLock shared the rejection along with Strawberry and made the Lock Legion. Genius.


The members of the Lock Legion are typically that like the Clock Crew. Most of them fall under the following categories:

Current Lock Legion Staff:

  • Almond Lock - A member who tries to cover up his lack of Flash production with shitty MS Paint drawings and school doodles. Members suck his dick to have one of these shit stains.

new Lock members while eating Fish and dicks like Kanye West.

  • Aubergine Lock - Raging alcoholic and metal head. His flashes are further evidence of mental disorders associated with his alcoholism and music choices.
  • Cloud Lock- aka Wonchop the fucking Britishman Himself, Even though he quit LL since 2008, His name is everywhere like

No one cares. Final Fantasy Cloud guy who wishes to be Asian more than any member of Lock Legion.

  • Cherry Lock - some Beaner who came from 7-Eleven and offered a Tortilla for Masterlock, they became great buddies while

Snorting Bacon grease from Oscar Meyer Little ass Grade F Baconbits

. Like El Peachy, He's a confirmed Transsexual who is Japanese!

  • Explosive Lock - A Belgian loser who thinks he's cool by depicting his character wearing sunglasses.
  • MasterLock - Faggot who makes 2 flash movies every year. He acts like he is working really hard and does them in 2 Weeks. He is also a robot who's voice sounds exactly like Microsoft Sam.
  • Shark Lock - 12 year old attention whore Jew who insists on making his character a ball. Is always at a Jew camp of some sort; unfortunately not the ones Hitler advocated during World War II.
  • Sunshine Lock - Script kiddie who occasionally has delusions that this site is his personal coding sandbox
  • Winchester Lock - Untalented, douchebag, inbred, redneck hick who is the owner of Locklegion.org. Lacks any artistic skill whatsoever and tries to act as the moral authority in the Lock Legion. Is known for his temper tantrums about bans and acts like a lawyer any time his e-buddies are banned. He is currently in an e-relationship with Clock Lock. Often blamed by MP3 Lock as the reason the Lock Legion sucks. Owner of two of the shittier domains.
  • Trash Lock – Swiss drug addict who has been known to disappear for months on expeditions to Amsterdam in search of more drugs and hookers.

Other Noteworthy Members:

Pumpkin Lock is an anorexic whore of a man, who will gladly suck the highest ranking member's cock for his main source of protien.
  • DarkSquidge Lock - Commonly known as Thomas Ridgewell, Talentless "Animator" who later gained fame and popularity through working on Eddsworld after the creator died
  • 8-Ball Lock - Talentless asian member who spends more time on MMORPG's and FPS games than actual creation of flash.
  • Master Lock - N00blet and also a suspected babyfur. He is also a Half-Indian dick little bastard that fucks pigs for

Bacon. He's worst than King Curtis from Wifeswap.

  • Communist Lock - Former Nazi Mod who has a secret fetish for Hello Kitty. Also, a two star Janitor for

a guy in Massachusetts. Now De-moded because He's that much of a Dumbass Loser

  • Dots Lock- A wigger living in the suburbs with his parents. Enjoys riding scooters, DMX and other black person music. When he was a moderator, his bans had reasons such as "fuck you" or "shut up"; a true badass. Also has two retarded brothers.
  • Gimpy/Robodeath Clock - Gothic emo kid who spams his skeleton skull emotes. Has a fetish for loli as well as a taste for every other fetish known to mankind. The lowest of the low.
  • Clock Lock - Overly emotional liberal Mexican bitch who pretends to be a psychologist when she is in fact bat shit crazy. Her MSN conversations have wreaked havoc on the fragile structure of the group itself.
  • Donut Lock - a Cousin of Clocky but a lot smarter Latina bitch who likes white men because Clocky gave a blow job to Winchester Man, and she took that as a dream. Also, She said to people I'd rather date a Cute Godzilla than an Asshole with a sixpack
  • Foreverkul/Red Bull Lock - The most Swell lock in existence. He pissed off Peachlock and gets a 999 day ban and

gets Unbanned for Improving his Flash Skills. Thus he changed his Lock to Red Bull because He knows that this Club is full of Bullshit!

  • Grey Lock - An unfunny retard from Boston. Spends his nights with his butt buddy Master Lock and has an obsession with Pokemon and video games in general. Also suspected of liking Dragon Ball Z.
  • Kombat Lock - Britfag who is obsessed with children's toys and movies. Is a suspected pedophile.
  • Lemming Lock - A closet wigger jock who claims to be able to take Wizard Lock in a fight. A.K.A. Lemming "the gay" Lock.
  • Lady-bell Lock - An Emo Gal who loves Hamtaro, that she has a house based on a Hamster Cage! This gal is a Wapanese retard from Wisconsin. She loves Wonchop and Gimpy so much She'll make a hentai based off the Threesome!
  • Lip Lock - Some Fag who cries and takes the internet as a battle Arena. She wants People to suck her asshole. She's a Badass prostitute!
  • Mango Lock - Nazi sympathizer Drug addict, who enjoys viewing gay porn in his spare time. He is still waiting for superiority complex to arrive in the mail.
  • MP3 Lock - Whiny Canadian guitar player. Whines in excess about all faults of any new site until he is given a moderator spot. Has a superiority complex and has been given the title of "Legendary Mp3 Lock" (by himself). Is known to trace absolutely everything he has ever made in a flash.
  • Origami Lock - A Mexican that can't speak English that has a fetish for Hentai and Guro. Seen as a god in the eyes of Locks who cannot draw for shit. Suspected of being a Gaiafag.
Picture is an accurate representation of both Wine Lock and the conversations on the Lock Legion.
  • Peach Lock - Mono-browed sand nigger faggot who has a fetish for military weaponry and is well known for his former nazi regime of moderation. NOW WITH BOOBS AND A DICK, HE GOT A TRANSEXUAL SURGERY SO, Watch out for a He-She!
  • Samegame Lock - The almighty Gamesame. Was demodded and threw a shitfit and left for a bit because he's a whiny bitch. Also a pedophile. While fucking his underage girlfriend he inadvertently had a son and was caught in wedlock. He also lives in Pennsylavania to become a Josh Bedn on Tomfulp's Newgrounds company!
  • Stressball Lock - Fat trash bag squished into a fat ball. Insecure to the point of needing to be in every Lock Flash ever due to the fact that he has never done anything worth remembering in his life.
  • Walnut Lock - One of Dots Lock's two retarded twin brothers. Shitty guitarist who thinks he is the shit. Fat as fuck, weighs over 300 pounds. Doesn't know how to watch his own flash movies. Is also completely inable to make a decent post on the internet, as every single such post is either a useless quote with no added text, or completely retarded insight (or lack thereof).
  • Wine Lock - An extremely ugly-ass troll who thinks he is a fucking hardcore metalhead, but contradicts this by liking dragonforce. Is also incapable of taking a joke without becoming super butthurt.
  • Wizard Lock - A closet emo and open pedophile who tries to act cool by bragging about his nonexistent sex life and lying about doing drugs.
  • Wolf Lock - Furry who is obsessed with guro and vore. Once held a vast collection of guro and shock images known as Dept88.

Flash Community?

A typical post on the Lock Legion. This is mainly a contribution to the ego boost these 13 year old boys get.

Although the Lock Legion is said to be a Flash Community, it is undeniable that it is a forum community. Whenever they're told to do Flash, they cry like little faggots to their leaders not to do so, their leaders whine back at them, and nothing gets done. The cycle continues until they are destroyed by their own stupidity and laziness. A good example of this is a user named ComicLock/Shenorai/Lucent/JohnLocke, a lulzcow who has not once contributed Flash within his entire life, yet still lurks on the Lock Legion Forums and continues his faggotry despite an audio clip existing of him crying on skype.

Examples of the Fail that is the Lock Legion

Locks on Video

  • A typical lock flash.

  • An example of why locks should not be allowed to breed.

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