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Logan Clark
Nationality: Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Highscore No injuries
Top 25? Unregisterable
Style Single player
An Hero? Potential Suicide by Cop

Logan Clark is a 14 year old faggot white boy, from Reno, Nevada, who was sick and tired of getting bullied (gotta love the public school system, amirite?). So, he decided it would be a smart idea to bring a lousy kitchen knife to his school, Procter R. Hug High, on the day several of his bullies threatened to jump his bitch ass. He ended up getting shot after holding the crowd of students (and a cop) at bay with his lame little knife, and was promptly hospitalized. The story became an immediate sensation, as any act of violence (potential or realized) by a white kid will cause old media to swarm to the story like flies to horse shit. Logan's daddy took to his son's defense on Facebook, pointing out the extreme bullying the little bitch faced by his much superior pupils. Although nobody (except the assailant) was pwn'd, the incident resulted in a category 3 shitstorm online, causing jackasses from all corners of the political sphere to use the story as fuel for their corrupt agendas. In the end, the actual problem, bullying, will never be addressed by our corrupt, decadent society.


*Teleports behind cop*
"Psssht, nothing personnel, pig"

Logan was sick and tired of all the bullying he faced at school every day! He wasn't gonna take it anymore, and the voices inside his head kept calling for him to spill blood for the blood god... No, mommy, make the voices go away! Mommy, don't touch me there! He snuck a shitty kitchen knife into his backpack before heading out to school. Eventually, as expected, some bullies started causing shit. This time, things would be different. Logan pulled out his pen0r knife and assumed a badass ninja position, ready to inflict several injuries on the enemy. Soon, a huge crowd gathered around the boy and the bullies. A miniboss spawned: it was a Level 28 cop equipped with a glock (28~35 dmg), ready to challenge Logan's lame attempt at the high score. Even his father said that anybody would've been able to stop him since he was a scrawny, 120lb teenage boy; much like Alex Hribal. See the coincidences?

The boy stood bravely against the pig, threateningly wailing his flabby spaghetti arms with his weapon, to force the pig to keep distance. Keep in mind right here folks, that this is occurring in Dumbfuckistan, so the cop immediately shot the faggot scoring a critical hit and instantly dropping the bitch to the ground, even though any real man could easily zerg rush Logan and disarm him within seconds. But that isn't how the pigs are trained- you're trained to shoot to kill, even if no threat is present. Surprisingly, the gunshot didnt inflict major moral panic- I guess living in such a shithole like Nevada, you're awakened to such sounds every night as nigras and spics continue to infest the wasteland. The cop was at least trained enough to immediately administer first aid to the victim- something many pigs fail to do.

Logan was sent to the hospital, where he laid in critical condition. Whether this little bitch dies or not is up to God or Satan to figure out.

The Great Debate

Liberals wanted to cry about banning knives altogether, and also of the case of police brutality. Conservatives argued that the policeman had no other choice but to use lethal force. A reasonable minority argued that bullying should be addressed already. In the end, nothing ever came of it except a divided america BAWWWing at each other after another hot button issue.


Naruto unaired episode


Will they ever learn?!


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