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No, you're wrong, it means doing cartwheels in the middle of Walmart
Actually random

"I'm so random!" is a statement made primarily by irritating girls and is the hidden mantra of Uncyclopedia.

Acting random (i.e stupid) is the IRL equivilant of TyPiNg LiKe ThIs. People who claim to be random are often the exact opposite. Everything from their looks, to their actions, to the words they scream out, such as "banana" and "monkey," are calculated in such a way that makes them appear unique and edgy to themselves and their friends, but like retarded four years olds to everyone else. ADD? No! You're just random!

Random individuals are often posing as emo or scene kids, but are actually just socially retarded losers who even the nerds wouldn't hang out with so they had to make their own cliques. They are seww randumb that they even dress alike! Isn't that random u guiz?

Why are people "Soooooo random"?


The reason girls act "Random" is to mask their crippling insecurities. These can be caused by many reasons: Daddy issues, the hardship of growing up, but 9/10 time they are caused due to them being fat, ugly and socially awkward hoes sporting a pizza face. Their solution to this is to act like a retarded slut in an attempt to prove that "I'm not scared of anything!" or "I don't care what anybody thinks about me!". When, in reality, People who say they don't care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don't care what people think. Also, the question is raised: If you don't care what anyone thinks, why do you go out of your way to act like a moron and humiliate yourself in public for the sake of attention?

Furthermore, this act of indifference quickly crumbles to the ground as soon as it's put to the test of doing something that requires actual effort, courage or, unlike yelling "CHEESE MONKEY!" in the middle of the street to impress your friends, has any actual consequences. When such a challenge is presented, expect them to back off and tell you they "just don't feel like it". Also, 80% of all "SOOOOO RANDOM!" girls only act that way online or at anime conventions, and in school are mostly pathetic wall flowers that sit alone at lunch.


Men mostly act "random" to draw attention from the fact they are sad nerds. When the dawning realization that they are unpopular dweebs that no one respects hits them, they prefer to grow a beard, put on a fedora and behave like they have autism and think that people think they are "cool". They also hope that women will confuse their arbitrary nonsense for actual humor, their willingness to humiliate themselves for the entertainment of others for bravery, and somehow conceal the fact they are ugly, pale skinned 90 pound weaklings who have absolutely nothing to offer a woman and get easily pushed around by anyone who's self confidence is not an act, like theirs is.

Guide To Dealing With Random People


For girls it's important to remember that they are desperate for approval, validation and attention. Therefore, they are willing to go to great lengths to prove to you how Karay-zee they are. The correct thing to do is to take advantage of this and use them for as much as you can by making them think that what they are doing is being done to prove themselves to you. Say things like: "Oh yeah? Well if you're so crazy, I dare you to show me your tits". Once you've used them for as far as their fake bravery will take them, discard them like a used condom and never talk to them again.


With men what you should do is: Bully them, beat them up, push them around and generally treat them like the sad losers they desperately try to convince themselves they aren't.

Don't worry; they can't fight back.

Typical Random Quotes

This wizard is casting a spell, stop him!
hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!

DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein random again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,


t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

I make alot of random noises and sounds :3

RAWR! and than i rode a magical panda to work :,D lololololololol jk jk jk jk lol lol northwest of my face! unce unce unce graffee abortion nipple extension ima shark, suck my dick my spoon is too big i believe i cann flllyyy XD and too many more


Natalie Nocturnal Neonaticide

I've been stung by 15,000 bees that were later to be proven to be monkeys who enjoy poking people with little sticks that are pasted onto their backs. Because of this, I've got a 50% chance of being impotent or 50% chance of omnipotence. So I got that going for me.


Random Okcupid Fag

I'm much different than the average person...okay..a LOT different....I don't even consider myself a person ..only a very small part of me is, anyways....(this is a good thing)


briana bloodmoondawn beta bloodmoon-lust

/sinister voice: Nice ink, space adventurer! But it WON'T SAVE YOU.

No really, cool ink. And cool hair. Is it OK to call it punky? Is that even accurate?

Do you think that being a loner has to do with being selfish?

Can you also quote Sex Drive and Get Him To the Greek word for word too? Hey, did you see the Muppets? I haven't yet, BUT Eric Segal is IMO, pretty brilliant. The Alduous Snow character is just great great fun.

I too think of obscure scenarios and questions all the time. LIKE...what would you (or miss piggy) do if someone started snorting coke while you were doing their 'do?

Or just dropped trou and was like "WELL I'M MORE COMFORTABLE THIS WAY, DO MY HAIR WHILE I'M NAKED".

That'd be a pretty awesome story to be able to tell. Although mildly unsettling at the time, I'm sure.

Live long and prosper, Vulcan. Live long and prosper.

I really think you would enjoy Neil Gaiman, by the way.

I hope your arm heals and you have a really cool scar to show off. Or that it heals completely well without a scar. You know what I mean! Whatever you want.

Okay, cool. Message me back if you'd like to. I think we could have some super easygoing laughs, and yes, I genuinely think it'd be nice to get to know you, madame.

/bows away.


—Message from a super-randumb basement dweller from Okcupid... because messages like these make da panties drop

I'm Kaitlin:) 13 years young :D (Am I the only one that hates when people say they're whatever years young?) I'm emo ♥ I enjoy scratching people's names into my arms:) that's why I give tattoos ;D nahh jk >;D so yea hey! just to let ya know, I don't deal with drama or shit like that! I hate preps! >:O so NO MORE PREPS ADD ME! or you will DIE! >:D jk ;) haha ummmm....I'm funny, perverted, flirty, retarted (mentally) hehe, random, and sometimes nice :3 I love meeting new people but I'm not a people person :L just sayin. Yes I'm a flirt! so if I flirt with you, it doesn't mean I want to fuck you :) ok?! I wanna be an emo site model♥ "emo" and "scene" kidz are awesome and HOT! ;D♥ are you calling me bi? haha I kinda am, but I'm not sure! I love guys WAY more than girls ♥ Honestly I would never date a girl, I would just call one hot :3 there's that. I love the Black Veil Brides!♥ Andrew Biersack is MINE BITCHES!:D♥ I love screamo, rock, some rap, and metal-rock:)


Random 13 year old girl

i am a pretty easliy amused person, and im very random. one moment im really calm ( or shy), next bam!! im in your face doing weird crazy shit.


YouTube Favicon.png Anorexic Beauty Queen

If you ever meet me in real life I am a naturally shy person :).Once I get to know you I am crazy and very loud.I will do the oddest things you would never think I would do.I make weird noises for no reason.I shout at people.I can't even explain how odd I am.I do like to be the center of attention sometimes.


—Kelcie (bahleeted)

I have a very deep mind, most would not understand. If you could have a glimpse inside, you'd probably suffocate.


YouTube Favicon.png Anorexic Beauty Queen, MY.gif Tamara, BringMalaTheHorizon, Dannymichael, l.o.v.ella, ❤ X Ţ ŔΆ Ž Ό Ή☠, theREALtoxicSTAR, the list goes on and on, [over 9000] people RANDOMLY have the exact same profile. Google it.

Random Bideos

C Wut I did there? I said bideos instead of videos! SOoOoOoO RANDOM!!!!#@(!)!)!_

Ja'mie King is the only one who can do random
"Foam Adventure [Mirror]"
A lot of random people call TV Tropes home.
This is actually the most random thing I've ever see
Ironically, the only winner in this video is the McDonalds employee
T3h penguin of DOOM narrated

Signs You Might Be rANDOM

You thought you was random? Nigga please!
  • You like rock AND pop music!
  • You say you're "__ years young" when you're a teenager! LOL! THAT'S RESERVED FOR OLD PEOPLE SILLY!
  • You scream weird words and phrases out, obv.
  • You frequently receive the side eye.
  • You break into song in public places.
  • You talk about the cah-ray-zay things you do and follow it up with, "Don't ask."
  • You walk around in a tutu like it's NBD, only it is a big deal.
  • You're like totally obsessed with Barbie or My Little Pony past childhood.
  • You go on and on about how people are looking at you funny (but nobody actually is).
  • You subscribe to a religion from anime.
  • You find that people cringe when you're around or try to avoid you.
  • People call you 'special'.
  • You fail at life.

Things That Are ACTUALLY Random


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