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The lolcows posted here are, shockingly, not works of fiction or falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as false.


—Lolcow Official Statment is a imageboard created by drama thirsty cunts after Pixyteri discussion was banned from /cgl/. Being filled with /cgl/ refugees, lolcow is one of the few taco-fest chans.


From /cgl/ to lolcow, not much has changed.

Lolcow chan is actually third down the line in terms of /cgl/ refugee campgrounds. The /cgl/ rule of "Don't bring community vendettas onto this board. Singling out individual cosplayers for the purposes of trolling them will not be tolerated" has long existed, but hasn't been enforced until moot decided to show off his boner for Pixy and banned all discussion of specific cosplayers or lolitas. The first chanboard of the saga was, which was rumored to have been run by Flan. After the first chan closed, Staminarose popped up to take in the drama starved seagulls. After some troll made up stories about PT being a pedo, the admin went into a panic and closed the site down. Some fucking retards at SR claimed PT molested a 3 year old and took pictures, but that the pictures "couldn't be posted because we don't want to get Britfag (current troll trolling PT) in trouble for convincing PT to take pictures of said molestation." Some bitches took it seriously, and SR admin shut the site down due to claims of contacting PT, Interpol and local police. Hoaxfags outed themselves because it turns out PT does babysit and someone threatened to call Interpol. They didn't realize PT babysat when they were fabricating the story. Many attempts were made to contact the admin, but admin disappeared off the face of the internet and many a great thread was lost. After all this bullshit, was forged, and drama was plentiful once again.



Short for "PixyTeri", though not exclusively dedicated to her. This is where discussion of all the former /cgl/ dramacows happens. As expected, the board is filled with a bunch of bitches being petty and picking shit apart.


The random board. This board hardly has any traffic at all. Mostly a containment board for all the off-topic shit that plagues /pt/.

/snow/ Short for "snowflakes", /snow/ was originally designed for all the shit threads on /pt/, /snow/ is not a higher populated board for cows who the admin doesn't care about. However, it has since become popular and is responsible for attracting a large amount of underage ban.

/manure/ All the high quality posting that would normally get you banned goes here.

Users Base

Though users of the site are mostly from /cgl/, there is still a larger concentration of Tumblr users on Lolcow than on any other chan. This is partly due to the sites participation in Tumblr related drama that goes beyond SJW insanity, drawing Tumblr user to the site to either whiteknight or collect dramu. This has caused a certain degree of butthurt among the chantard users, as many a good thread gets derailed due to arguments with SJWs who don't understand chan humor. Despite the claims of Tumblr hate from lolcow, every single member has a Tumblr account and openly admits to it.

The second group of foreign invaders are special snowflakes from PULL, aka Pretty Ugly Little Liars. Threads about bitchy Photoshop queens are often filled with jelly PULL members who wish they could be pretty and skinny like the girl in the OP. When you see a poster A-logging hard at Dakota Rose, they're more than likely from PULL. Much like the Tumblr users, PULL users are also easily triggered and will out themselves the second someone makes a comment about a bitches stretchmarks.

Aside from social justice autism, thigh gaps are a particularly sensitive subject on lolcow. Call a girl fat for not having one and watch the thread descend into the abyss as attention whores describe their body types and dieting habits.

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