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LOLfurries banner, displaying their dislike for babyfurs.

The LOLfurries are a group of wannabe troll furfags. Though the site has existed since early 2006, it's gone through many changes and has been "owned" by many different people. It's current leader is 40oz Hyena, backed up by TriSight, Faith, and Icono.

The site was founded by furries who wanted to have a place to make fun of other furries and not have to answer to anyone for being remotely anti-fur. The site is comprised of trolls within the fandom, dogfuckers, babyfurs, and other low-lifes from the furry fandom.

Famous Instances Involving The LOLfurries

Tumbles the Stairdragon

LOLfurries are well-known for their direct involvement in the Tumbles incident where a furry tried to an hero himself by first trying to slash his own throat with a broken pair of sunglasses, followed shortly by his famous dive down the stairs. He had been pestering everyone around him for drugs and alcohol during the entire con until everyone got tired of his shit and told him to gtfo. He became sad and lonely, because even fatass furry girls won't touch him.

40oz Hyena and Icono were present at the top of the stairs talking about furfaggorty when the incident occurred. 40oz Hyena stopped the conversation, looked down the stairs and said:

Uh, hey Chyra, you're doing it wrong.


— 40oz Hyena

Furtopia Hack

A user by the name of Supercutefurri was the one person who hacked Furtopia, reverting all images to Goatse. The administrators, instead of fixing it, called the site a total loss and deleted fucking everything. Once they brought the boards back up using the same software with a 2 year old exploit, Supercutefurri hacked it again fur the lulz. Furtopia blamed the attack on LOLfurries, calling it a safe haven for internet terrorists. The LOLfurries denied the attack, claiming that just because one member of a forum does something doesn't mean that the entire site did it. They also noted that they didn't know about the attack until AFTER it had taken place

LOLfurries vs. Babyfurs

40oz Hyena had a brainstorming session in which he had figured out that he had "cured" one of the members from being a babyfur. His idea was to create PSAs to try and help babyfurs come to the realization that their ideas are sick and twisted, and to try and help make them a useful and productive member of the furry fandom. He had posted a PSA on YouTube that quickly circulated throughout the babyfur groups on the internet.

This video, in turn, generated a lot of drama from the babyfurs and their supporters. One such person wanted to see the video taken down.

Lildobe's reactionI.jpg
Lildobe's reactionII.jpg

Too bad nobody gives a shit. Even YouTube hates babyfurs.

Kitty_Nathaniel: Enemy to Lulz

To try and cover his ass (and to start lulz as well), a user named Roj had posted in his LiveJournal regarding the video.

He stated that he didn't care about what people did in their own homes, but to keep your nasty shit to yourselves. This sparked one person to reply to his LiveJournal with a typical furry comment regarding anyone who is remotely Anti-fur.


Seeing the opportunity for massive lulz, Roj pressured him for more information to try and figure out what his motives were. He was shocked by how batshit insane this furry was, and so were all the other members of LOLfurries.

Cyan trying to guilt-trip the LOLfurries. He's also too ashamed to say what he did, so Roj puts his foot in his ass.

Roj called for /b/lackup from the site, hilarity ensued, mass lulz were had, and everyone had a good time. After Roj and Faith, a female member of LOLfurries, were threatened, they decided to troll back and show Cyan what a true threat meant. They contacted the Head of Staff for Furry Weekend Atlanta, an annual furry convention in Atlanta, GA, to let them know what kind of person is on their staff.

LOLfurries claimed victory when Cyan was removed from FWA staff. They claim that they do not wish for him to be banned purely out of the fact that everyone will be watching him like a hawk at the next con because of how mentally unstable he is.

Feel free to drop by his LiveJournal! Lj-favicon.png kitty_nathaniel


The abomination that is KahnCub.
There can be no reaction.

Commodore Lulzington had posted two topics in Lj-favicon.png wtf_inc after stumbling upon an employee of Google by the name of KahnCub. The butt of the posts were over the pictures taken of his new "fursuit" being his weird balloon/babyfur/latex tiger thing. Kahn was butthurt over the posts and contacted Commodore to try and seek out why he posted it. He was unable to understand that his sick, twisted waste of nearly $6,000 was by far the most expensive pool toy on the face of the Earth.

Another fun fact is that Kahn claims to be transgendered.

Beltoram: BTW, I am a transgender male-to-female so 
while legally you may be right its not how I identify to 
Lulzington: dude.  you were born with a dick, you're a dude
Lulzington: I don't care what you "feel" like what you are.  
Beltoram: Just because I was born that way doesn't mean that 
I identify that way.  Or even feel that way.  But, seeing 
as you are pretty sure that that's the way things are and I 
dunno you all that well to begin with I'll just not go in 
to that.
Lulzington: So you think you're a girl, but you have a penis?  
And you have all your diaper-shitting friends refer to you as 
a girl?  
Beltoram: As a matter of fact yes, not because I told them to, 
but because they get that impression from me.

Many Lulz were had after Lulzington called for /b/lackup from 40oz Hyena. 40oz continued to dig for more information from Kahn, leading up to a tandem Bel-Air between the duo, massive butthurt from Kahn, and many more lulz.

Solei, a relatively new member of LOLfurries, was used as a patsy for massive lulz. Solei had posted on Commodore's thread about Kahn about how she had *it* as a roommate for a short while because Kahn begged them to move in. They allowed it to move in, but all the conditions of her stay were quickly short lived. Apparently, it has an adult-sized CRIB that they explained would not come along, but it came anyways. Word is that it never paid rent and was a waste of flesh during it's stay.

Beltoram: I'm not as dumb as you made me out to be just because 
I bought a latex suit of my likeness :)
Lulzington: Likeness? Pffft. It just goes to show 
that with furries, anyone with a suit can be cuter than what 
they really look like. In this case, it's not too much of an 
Beltoram: Ehh, point being. I'm not as retarded as most furries.
Lulzington: To quote a Stephen King novel: 
"You can't polish a turd"
Lulzington: However, you're just as retarded as 
"those" furries because you spent nearly $6,000 on a half-assed 
Beltoram: Now my dear Commodore if I may ask...if you were 
making something like would you make it full-assed?
Lulzington: I'd kill it with fire to finish the job

Commodore Lulzington saw his chance to claim he was Solei by using two posts made regarding Solei's history with Kahn.

(2:21:13 AM) Lulzington: at least I spend my money wisely.
(2:21:25 AM) Lulzington: and not on cribs and pooltoys
(2:22:03 AM) Beltoram: Yeah, about that. I didn't pay for the crib 
Solei mentioned btw. But instead inherited it. Sorta. So no I 
didn't even have to pay for that.
Lulzington: Well you still had to haul that shit to my house, 
even though I told you NOT to.
Beltoram: YOU!!!!
Lulzington: Hence the "It took you THAT LONG?"
Beltoram: No, I didn't guess THAT until JUST now!
Lulzington: You poor poor bitch.
Lulzington: it's okay
Beltoram: So, I get the fact you hate me.
Beltoram: I know you've said things behind my back.
Beltoram: But why did you out me like that?
Lulzington: Because I can.
Lulzington: And because you're a disgusting waste of life.
Beltoram: You sure were good at playing nice when I said I just 
wanted to try and be friends when I lived with you. That was 
a lie too huh
Lulzington: Epic troll is epic.
Beltoram: And here I thought you were going to tell me oh, I'm 
40ozHyena. But wow...
Lulzington: Oh jesus.
Beltoram: I don't even know what to say. At this point I've 
gone from 'Huh, this night will end fine.' to 'Oh god I feel 
like I just got backstabbed by a TF2 Spy.' In the literal sense 
though, if you felt this way about me even 'after' I 
left...please...just leave me alone. I've done my part in 
leaving you alone.
Lulzington: Well why should I? You disgraced me and my home.
Beltoram: Because I've done nothing to you, talked to you, posted 
anything about you, or anything in quite some time. I dropped it 
and moved on with my life
Lulzington: Well it's really hard to move on with your life when 
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said "You're 
movin' with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air"

The Bel-Air went unnoticed, sadly.

Beltoram: just can't move on?
Lulzington: After living with you, no.
Lulzington: After you left, we threw the biggest party ever because you were finally gone.

40oz and Commodore Lulzington claimed victory after Kahn deleted everything from his LiveJournal and tried to call for /b/lackup to country-troll, but failed horribly. It was later found out that Solei was also transgendered like Kahn, so the fight between the two has been labeled "The Fight of the Dickgirls 2008" due to LOLfurries being the middle ground for all of the drama.

Lj-favicon.png baby-carlie - Kahn's LJ


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